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Trade defence dominoes

In March 2018, when President Trump slapped a 25 per cent tariff on imported steel, the EU quickly followed suit.   The EU’s rationale for copying the US, despite criticising Trump’s original action, was to safeguard against the risk that steel originally destined for America would be deflected onto the European market.   When a large economy […]
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07 Feb, 2024

What does 2024 hold for global trade policy? 

Conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East, combined with wider geopolitical tensions made for a challenging 2023 commercial operating environment. 2024 promises much of the same. Election year Over 50% of the global economy will go to the polls in 2024, with elections (and potentially new governments) in key markets such as the US, India, the […]
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31 Jan, 2024

What does 2023 hold for EU and UK trade policy?

Last year the West hit Russia with debilitating trade and financial sanctions in response to its invasion of Ukraine, the US attempted to hobble Chinese technological advancement by introducing new export controls on high-end semiconductors and the tools used to make them, and governments all over considered policies designed to forcefully reorientate, onshore, and ‘friend-shore’ […]
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09 Jan, 2023

Winter is coming: new risks and opportunities for firms trading with the UK and EU

Moving goods, services, data, and staff internationally has never been easy. Trade wars, Brexit, a global pandemic, sanctions, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made doing so all the more difficult.   Beyond reacting to external pressures, companies and investors should be gearing up to adapt to, and take advantage of, imminent UK and EU regulatory changes […]
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31 Aug, 2022

Trade after Brexit: What next for Global Britain?

Post-Brexit, the best job in the UK government was that of trade secretary. While other ministers dealt with the Brexit fallout, or were tasked with tackling Covid-19, then trade chief, Liz Truss, was filling up her trophy cabinet.    EU trade deals were rolled over, repackaged, and celebrated by the domestic press. New free trade agreements […]
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16 May, 2022

Why digital trade policy is so important

Being able to freely move data around the world – between and within firms – is now just as important as being able to freely move goods and services.   Car manufacturers increasingly monitor driver behaviour and car diagnostics from regional hubs; professional services firms may need to transfer the data of clients and staff between country offices; companies in every sector store […]
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18 Jan, 2022

UK trade policy post-Brexit

Now the UK has its own national trade policy let’s get it right. Rolling over EU agreements is important, but it is the easy bit. Beyond that, a focus on traditional goods-oriented Free Trade Agreements will be too narrow. We should be smart and innovative.   Trade policy does not exist in a vacuum. Trade strategy should be integral to domestic economic & industrial policy, and also wider […]
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01 Feb, 2021

What does Biden mean for Britain?

Joe Biden has a different approach from Donald Trump to the conduct of international relations and his election is a significant change. He will seek to work with European allies and other democratic countries and will be more engaged in multilateral bodies.   But the substance of policy may not change greatly. The narrow victory limits his room for […]
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23 Nov, 2020
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