Our Expertise and services

We help businesses and investors succeed in an increasingly complex world, managing risk and creating opportunity.

We provide advice at the point where government and business meet, offering an authoritative perspective on both.

Markets and Investor Advisory

We advise investors on political and regulatory risk. Our clients use us to ensure that they take full account of these issues throughout the investment cycle.

Policy and Political Analysis

We help our clients anticipate, interpret and respond to developments in policy and politics, and advise on how they can shape the business environment and work with policymakers to achieve their goals.

Competition and Regulation

We advise clients on how to engage with competition and regulatory authorities in the UK and EU to secure positive business outcomes, offering both strategic advice and detailed technical expertise. 


Our Team

Our multinational team have experience of working at the most senior levels in European governments, the EU Commission, regulatory agencies, competition bodies and the private sector.

Meet our team

Charlotte Brett

Charlotte Brett


Charlotte provides research and analysis on policy and regulatory developments at EU level. She has experience at the European Parliament advising on EU external relations. 

“I work with people who inspire me and I love to inspire others. Alongside working for Flint I mentor young enprepreneurs at London & Partners.”

Across Europe

Flint Europe

Flint Europe helps businesses and investors succeed in an increasingly complex world, managing risk and creating opportunity.

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We analyse EU regulation and legislation for clients, providing insight to stay ahead of developments.


We identify business critical issues at the EU level and help clients to develop strategy in relation to them, addressing both EU institutions and the capitals of member states.


We offer advice on EU regulation, competition policy and strategic communications to help our clients maximise their effectiveness.


We provide organisational advice for the external relations functions of our clients and help them recruit the right people for senior corporate EU positions.

Latest News

US and UK flags blowing in the wind

What would a Biden administration mean for UK foreign policy?

Ahead of the US Presidential Election on 3 November, Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser considers what a Biden victory would mean for UK foreign policy. Click below to read his blog.

27 October 2020

Simon Fraser quoted in the Financial Times

Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser told the Financial Times that if Joe Biden wins, the UK Government will try to re-engage America more enthusiastically in the NATO alliance and “look for ways to get America re-engaged in multilateralism, for example in support for international institutions such as the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.”

25 October 2020

Nigel Gardner, The Times

…Behind the bluster of last week’s EU summit, as our exit talks approach their endgame, history tell us this is the moment of highest danger for Britain’s fishermen.

19 October 2020

Philip Rycroft on Sky News

Philip Rycroft tells Sky News that a deal between the UK and the EU hangs in the balance. A deal may be more likely than no deal, but the coming weeks will be very tense.

14 October 2020

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