Writer: Rhys Davies


The Auto Sector in 2024 – the political choices that lie ahead  

2024 will be a critical year for the auto sector, with political choices shaping the direction of travel on trade, decarbonisation and supply chain security.   Trends in the UK and overseas The UK auto sector bounced back in 2023. Production rose by 17% to 905,000 (80% exported), with equally strong growth in engines and commercial […]
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12 Mar, 2024

Electric vehicles & the UK policy outlook: new risks for a new world

Key points  Strong demand comes with a price  The Autumn Statement contained unwelcome news for the electric vehicle industry. From 2025 – for the first time – EVs will be subject to standard Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and the ‘expensive car supplement’ (for vehicles with a list price of over £40,000). Company car tax rates […]
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07 Dec, 2022

Flint News & Flint in the Media

Rhys Davies quoted in The Guardian

“The effect feeds into the economy pretty slowly, taking about 12 months after the spike [in shipping costs,” he said. “So if the disruption is time-limited, as we would expect, it will probably be drowned by wider disinflationary impacts.”
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04 Jan, 2024
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