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Financial regulator's independence put to the test  

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s suggestion that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) should reconsider its proposals to name and shame firms under investigation has once again thrust the financial regulator’s independence into the spotlight. Occurring in the lead-up to a high-stakes election, we take a look at the factors fueling the current disagreement, the potential outcomes, and […]
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08 May, 2024

Insights from the first year of the UK’s new subsidy control regime 

Overview The UK’s new post-Brexit subsidy control regime sits against a backdrop of governments across developed economies pursuing more active industrial policy. The UK’s trade partners, most notably the EU, are watching its subsidy regime and decisions closely.   There is significant domestic scrutiny too. Those responsible for scrutinising public spending, such as the National Audit […]
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17 Apr, 2024

Will it go to penalties? Government introduces a new football regulator

Last week, the Government introduced the Football Governance Bill to Parliament. The culmination of over three years’ work, the Bill addresses concerns about the financial sustainability of English men’s professional football, the probity of individual club owners, and the risk of breakaway leagues (most famously the European Super League) stifling competition.   The Bill is an […]
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27 Mar, 2024

2024 Elections: An overview of the political landscape

Over 2 billion people – a quarter of the world’s population – will be affected by elections in 2024, including in the US, EU, UK, Taiwan, India and Russia. Some will have significant global implications, though in many cases the full effects will not play through until 2025. This blog explores the upcoming elections and […]
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09 Nov, 2023

The King’s Speech: a first for the King, the last for this parliament  

The Bills have been decided and the speech is being drafted - businesses need to be agile if they are to shape government proposals. More weight is resting on the King’s Speech on 7th November than it can possibly bear.   How should businesses prepare for this session’s uncertainty?  What do we already know about the […]
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27 Oct, 2023

Virtual worlds standardisation: What next for the EU? Key challenges and opportunities

While the debate on AI regulation continues to grab media headlines and the attention of policymakers worldwide, discussions on virtual worlds have quietly continued. Regulators around the world are trying to find the right balance between introducing or updating policies to mitigate potential harms of virtual worlds while maximising the potential of these technologies for […]
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06 Jul, 2023

Taking stock: the legislative programme so far

As Parliament starts the Easter recess, the legislative programme is looking ragged, bearing the marks of three Prime Ministers’ very different decisions. The decision to significantly extend the current session until late autumn could mean a very limited fourth session cut short by a General Election in 2024. It also places huge pressure on the […]
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03 Apr, 2023

Stuck in the middle? Finding the UK’s role in the global innovation race 

The UK must find its global niche in emerging technology industries, as reduced domestic political volatility coincides with an increase in geopolitical tensions. As Labour prepares its policies in this area, the March Budget and the rest of the year will see the UK Government making major decisions with impacts on innovation, R&D and the […]
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10 Mar, 2023

2023 infrastructure policy and regulation outlook

Overview Following a year of crisis-fuelled focus on resilience, especially in the energy and water sectors, 2023 will raise an even more difficult question – how do you fund investment in long-term resilience during a period of economic uncertainty? Government budgets are under pressure, and the continuing cost-of-living crisis means there is limited scope to […]
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16 Feb, 2023

Policy outlook for investors 2023+

After a tumultuous political year, 2023 will see a more stable political environment in the UK. This will create opportunities for investors, but business should continue to hedge against geopolitical risk.   Below we set out some of the key opportunities and themes:  1. Companies and investors should start to engage with and prepare for Labour […]
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13 Jan, 2023

A crowded Queen’s Speech for DCMS – what does it mean for the sector? 

Nadine Dorries’ team at Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has taken the lion’s share of parliamentary time for the next session.  A total of six DCMS bills have been promised. But with doubts about when the next General Election will be called, and the controversial nature of much of the legislation in question, what is […]
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27 May, 2022

The Queen's Speech: political relaunch

Whitehall has been working towards a May Queen’s Speech for almost a year. The date has been announced – 10 May – and many bills have been trailed and there is an outline programme ready to go, but political changes within No 10 have created uncertainty. How should business prepare?   What are the implications of […]
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04 Apr, 2022
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