Writer: Adriana Capparelli

EU Chips Act: can it work? 

The global chip shortage is disrupting a wide range of business sectors and has raised concerns about Europe’s dependency on a few manufacturing sites located outside the EU’s borders, mostly in Asia. The European Chips Act, unveiled by the European Commission earlier in February, aims to mitigate such geopolitical risk and secure the EU’s technological […]
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22 Feb, 2022

European Digital Policy Outlook for 2022

Key Points: The EU’s digital agenda for 2022 will be very busy. With the European Commission’s mandate expiring in Spring 2024, 2022 is the last year for Ursula von der Leyen and her team of Commissioners to present proposals that could complete the legislative process within her mandate.    New legislative proposals such as European Data […]
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26 Jan, 2022

Adriana Capparelli shares her thoughts on working at Flint and digital policy trends for 2021

We interviewed Adriana Capparelli, a Flint Director based in London. Adriana supports clients in the digital, telecoms and media sectors. She joined Flint in 2017. Prior, she worked in public affairs in Brussels dealing with engagement with the EU institutions. How do you find working at Flint? I joined as a consultant over four years […]
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15 Feb, 2021
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