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Flint Briefing Call: Crisis over, or crisis just begun: where next for the energy market?

Flint Partner Josh Buckland is joined by Flint experts Mary Starks former Executive Director for Consumers and Markets at the UK energy regulator Ofgem, Gregor Kreuzhuber, former advisor to two EU Commissioners and Francois-Joseph Schichan, former diplomat and political adviser to various French Ambassadors to discuss where next for the energy market. You can also download this episode here.
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02 Feb, 2023

Reshuffled MidCat pipeline puts sustainability first - at the cost of energy independence?

From MidCat to H2Med One of the biggest challenges for Europe to replace Russian gas is to get gas and hydrogen from southern to central Europe. When pressure from Berlin and Madrid at the height of the energy crisis brought the MidCat pipeline back into the spotlight after years at the back of the drawer, […]
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12 Dec, 2022

An EU gas price cap in name only?

On 22 November, after months of discussions, and much pressure exerted by EU countries, the European Commission released its proposal for a gas price cap, entitled “Regulation establishing a market correction mechanism to protect citizens and the economy against excessively high prices”. But was it worth the wait? The proposal’s price cap per megawatt-hour is […]
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08 Dec, 2022

A harmonised EU energy market – an illusion?

Key Points: Is Europe shifting its approach toward energy policies? Last week, EU energy ministers approved new emergency measures to curb record-high energy prices and mitigate against the impact on citizens and particularly vulnerable households. The new measures focus on three key areas: The European Commission has been keen not to repeat mistakes made this […]
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07 Nov, 2022

MidCat pipeline row puts European solidarity to the test

The same old fight The issue of energy interconnection is not new. As timely as it seems to have become following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, talks around the need to accelerate progress towards an Energy Union have been around for over a decade. In 2002, the European Commission recommended that Member States increase interconnections to a […]
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05 Oct, 2022

REMA: Just rearranging the furniture, or rebuilding the whole house? 

Why now?  At a first glance, the Government’s Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) might look like a technical exercise, only of interest to energy geeks. However, once you dig under the surface, it becomes clear that the process could ultimately lead to the most significant set of reforms to the way we run the […]
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29 Jul, 2022

EU’s winter energy plans: European unity tested

Key Points: Europe is facing the worst energy crisis in its history, affecting the entire European economy and beyond. According to the latest predictions, if Russia completely cuts off gas supplies in the coming months, the EU's GDP could shrink by 1.5%. These economic disruptions could have far-reaching political consequences for EU Member States, both […]
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29 Jul, 2022

British Energy Security Strategy: Homegrown clean power, but at what cost?

This blog was written in partnership with LCP. Key takeaways  The Government’s new ‘British Energy Security Strategy’ is positioned as a direct response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, arguing that by expanding homegrown power sources, the UK can reduce its exposure to volatile international fossil fuel markets.   At the heart of the strategy is […]
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14 Apr, 2022

Charging ahead – Is the UK electric vehicle market finally maturing?

A booming market For business and investors seeking to shape the UK’s policy and regulatory framework for electric vehicles (EVs), 2022 is set to be a busy year. EV sales were the auto sector’s standout success story last year. Even with the wider auto market down over 28% compared to pre-covid levels, more electric vehicles […]
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07 Feb, 2022

PM's new green vision ahead of COP26

Key Points The Government has set down a significant marker ahead of COP26 by announcing a raft of new green measures, representing a moment of truth as to the scale of the Prime Minister’s green ambitions. The centerpiece of thousands of pages of policy detail is the much anticipated Net Zero Strategy that sets out […]
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20 Oct, 2021

A plan for decarbonising transport – but where will it take us?

Following widespread criticism that the Government is failing to take decisive action to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the Government has set out a wide reaching plan to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050. ‘Decarbonising Transport – A Better, Greener Plan’ sets out the long-awaited strategy from the Department for Transport (DfT) […]
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16 Jul, 2021

UK merger clearance – a higher hurdle?

It is becoming harder to get mergers cleared in the UK. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is taking an increasingly sceptical view and wants to go further by getting government to change the rules to make it even easier to block mergers involving large technology companies. Why has the CMA raised the bar, and is there a […]
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30 Jun, 2021
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