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10 Years, Not 100 Days: The Big Calls for Labour's Clean Energy Mission

With only a week to go until the election – and the polls pointing to only one outcome – attention is now shifting away from Labour Party promises, towards what it will actually do in government.   One area that is relatively well defined is what Labour plans to do on energy and climate policy. It […]
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28 Jun, 2024

Great British Energy: What would a publicly owned energy company actually do?

Download the PDF version here. The starting gun has been fired and the UK general election campaign is now well underway. Over the coming weeks, the major parties will set out more detail about their respective policy programmes and publish their manifestos. This will include policies on the energy and climate agenda, some of which […]
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30 May, 2024

Insights from the first year of the UK’s new subsidy control regime 

Overview The UK’s new post-Brexit subsidy control regime sits against a backdrop of governments across developed economies pursuing more active industrial policy. The UK’s trade partners, most notably the EU, are watching its subsidy regime and decisions closely.   There is significant domestic scrutiny too. Those responsible for scrutinising public spending, such as the National Audit […]
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17 Apr, 2024

The real story of REMA

The UK Government has launched it's second Review of the Electricity Market Arrangement (REMA). Whilst there has recently been a lot of talk about the UK falling behind its counterparts in green investment. It is true the UK’s fiscal firepower is unable to compete with the US Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s Green Industrial […]
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11 Apr, 2024

Reforming the UK electricity market: Location, location, location

Flint View The urgency of the initial stages of the government’s Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) has drifted in recent months. Formally launched in October 2022, the aim was to swiftly interrogate potential reforms that would better insulate the UK from future global price volatility. But the complexity of implementing major reforms, while maintaining […]
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13 Mar, 2024

5 lessons from the demise of Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan  

After months of speculation, Keir Starmer has confirmed that Labour has dropped its commitment to spend £28 billion per year on its Green Prosperity Plan. Labour blamed the decision on the deterioration in the public finances under the Conservatives and attempted to fend off criticism by reaffirming other elements of its net zero policy, including the […]
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09 Feb, 2024

Revitalising the EU electricity market design: Evolution, not revolution

The war in Ukraine has triggered major policy changes. It has reshuffled the EU’s priorities and led to Europe rethinking its approach to energy and climate issues. The European Green Deal has become not only a strategy for achieving climate reduction targets but also a tool for ensuring energy security, strategic autonomy and boosting resilience […]
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06 Mar, 2023

2023 infrastructure policy and regulation outlook

Overview Following a year of crisis-fuelled focus on resilience, especially in the energy and water sectors, 2023 will raise an even more difficult question – how do you fund investment in long-term resilience during a period of economic uncertainty? Government budgets are under pressure, and the continuing cost-of-living crisis means there is limited scope to […]
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16 Feb, 2023

Energy independence: Achievable, or even desirable?

As the immediate energy crisis begins to abate, policymakers are focusing on how to avoid the next one. Rishi Sunak’s Government is focused on achieving energy independence by the 2040s – with a new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero set to lead the charge. Flint’s energy team looks at whether energy independence is […]
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08 Feb, 2023

Flint Briefing Call: Crisis over, or crisis just begun: where next for the energy market?

Flint Partner Josh Buckland is joined by Flint experts Mary Starks former Executive Director for Consumers and Markets at the UK energy regulator Ofgem, Gregor Kreuzhuber, former advisor to two EU Commissioners and Francois-Joseph Schichan, former diplomat and political adviser to various French Ambassadors to discuss where next for the energy market. You can also download this episode here.
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02 Feb, 2023

Reshuffled MidCat pipeline puts sustainability first - at the cost of energy independence?

From MidCat to H2Med One of the biggest challenges for Europe to replace Russian gas is to get gas and hydrogen from southern to central Europe. When pressure from Berlin and Madrid at the height of the energy crisis brought the MidCat pipeline back into the spotlight after years at the back of the drawer, […]
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12 Dec, 2022

An EU gas price cap in name only?

On 22 November, after months of discussions, and much pressure exerted by EU countries, the European Commission released its proposal for a gas price cap, entitled “Regulation establishing a market correction mechanism to protect citizens and the economy against excessively high prices”. But was it worth the wait? The proposal’s price cap per megawatt-hour is […]
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08 Dec, 2022
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