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10 Years, Not 100 Days: The Big Calls for Labour's Clean Energy Mission

With only a week to go until the election – and the polls pointing to only one outcome – attention is now shifting away from Labour Party promises, towards what it will actually do in government.   One area that is relatively well defined is what Labour plans to do on energy and climate policy. It […]
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28 Jun, 2024

Energy independence: Achievable, or even desirable?

As the immediate energy crisis begins to abate, policymakers are focusing on how to avoid the next one. Rishi Sunak’s Government is focused on achieving energy independence by the 2040s – with a new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero set to lead the charge. Flint’s energy team looks at whether energy independence is […]
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08 Feb, 2023

REMA: Just rearranging the furniture, or rebuilding the whole house? 

Why now?  At a first glance, the Government’s Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) might look like a technical exercise, only of interest to energy geeks. However, once you dig under the surface, it becomes clear that the process could ultimately lead to the most significant set of reforms to the way we run the […]
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29 Jul, 2022

British Energy Security Strategy: Homegrown clean power, but at what cost?

This blog was written in partnership with LCP. Key takeaways  The Government’s new ‘British Energy Security Strategy’ is positioned as a direct response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, arguing that by expanding homegrown power sources, the UK can reduce its exposure to volatile international fossil fuel markets.   At the heart of the strategy is […]
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14 Apr, 2022

A plan for decarbonising transport – but where will it take us?

Following widespread criticism that the Government is failing to take decisive action to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the Government has set out a wide reaching plan to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050. ‘Decarbonising Transport – A Better, Greener Plan’ sets out the long-awaited strategy from the Department for Transport (DfT) […]
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16 Jul, 2021

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