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Flint Briefing Call with John Penrose MP on UK Digital Competition Policy

This briefing call discusses the government’s plans for reform of competition and regulation, in particular through the upcoming Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Rights Bill. Chaired by Partner Tim Pitt who is joined by Conservative MP John Penrose and two Flint Competition and Regulation experts, Partner Karla Perca López and Specialist Partner Giles Wilkes. You […]
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13 Jan, 2023

Policy outlook for investors 2023+

After a tumultuous political year, 2023 will see a more stable political environment in the UK. This will create opportunities for investors, but business should continue to hedge against geopolitical risk.   Below we set out some of the key opportunities and themes:  1. Companies and investors should start to engage with and prepare for Labour […]
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13 Jan, 2023

Electric vehicles & the UK policy outlook: new risks for a new world

Key points  Strong demand comes with a price  The Autumn Statement contained unwelcome news for the electric vehicle industry. From 2025 – for the first time – EVs will be subject to standard Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and the ‘expensive car supplement’ (for vehicles with a list price of over £40,000). Company car tax rates […]
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07 Dec, 2022

What next for Scotland in the UK?

Prime Minister Liz Truss has taken a tough line on Scotland in the leadership campaign, and  will continue to resist the demands of the Scottish Government for a referendum in 2023.  The Scottish Government’s only other feasible option for a 2023 plebiscite – an advisory referendum – could be removed as soon as next month […]
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13 Sep, 2022

Trade after Brexit: What next for Global Britain?

Post-Brexit, the best job in the UK government was that of trade secretary. While other ministers dealt with the Brexit fallout, or were tasked with tackling Covid-19, then trade chief, Liz Truss, was filling up her trophy cabinet.    EU trade deals were rolled over, repackaged, and celebrated by the domestic press. New free trade agreements […]
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16 May, 2022

Flint Opinions: What the Ukraine crisis means for business 

We asked some of Flint’s experts for their take on the wider and longer-term impacts of the Ukraine crisis.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on energy prices and security, spurring Western countries to cut or reduce their reliance on Russian gas. This has long-term implications for the energy sector. Nations are scrambling […]
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25 Mar, 2022

Flint Opinions: The challenges for UK business in 2022

2022 is already bringing new challenges for the UK– acute political and economic uncertainty at home and abroad, turbulence in government, inflation and tax rises, Covid and its aftermath, disrupted supply chains and new regulatory frameworks.   We asked Flint’s Specialist Partners to give us their take, from their different perspectives, on what the year has […]
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08 Feb, 2022

The Flint Podcast

In the aftermath of the Budget and Spending Review,  Flint experts provide their analysis of the Chancellor’s statement, talk through its political and economic implications and what this all means to the business community. Flint PartnerKiran Horwich chairs the discussion between Partner Tim Pitt(former Special Adviser to Chancellors Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond) and Specialist PartnerGiles Wilkes (former Business […]
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01 Nov, 2021

The budget - will Rishi Sunak bail out Boris Johnson?

Key points: For the first time Chancellor Rishi Sunak will deliver a fiscal event no longer dominated by Covid support. The Spending Review and Budget should finally put some flesh on the bones of the government’s core agenda: levelling up and net zero. But the prime minister needs (and wants) to address a range of […]
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05 Oct, 2021

Levelling up or treading water?

At long last, business confidence is roaring back. In survey after survey, and as more firms report strengthening results, the UK economy is accelerating quickly after one of the worst years in living memory. Many economists believe that a short-term boom is on the cards, with pent-up demand from cash-rich consumers and businesses set to […]
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27 May, 2021

State of the Union – a divided future?

The United Kingdom may be approaching a pivotal moment as the government faces increasing pressure to set out plans for regional devolution and answer the case for Scottish independence.  A majority pro-independence Scottish government elected in May, led by the SNP, will intensify pressure for a second independence referendum, reflecting increasing momentum that could prevail […]
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23 Apr, 2021

Will the UK’s Integrated Review of foreign policy really make a difference?

The Integrated Review was billed as a radical overhaul of British foreign and security policy after Brexit. There are some important innovations, but much of it is sensible repackaging or reprioritisation of current policy in response to the acceleration of existing trends. Some hyperbole was inevitable; Britain is to be a “science superpower”, a “soft […]
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09 Apr, 2021
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