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10 Years, Not 100 Days: The Big Calls for Labour's Clean Energy Mission

With only a week to go until the election – and the polls pointing to only one outcome – attention is now shifting away from Labour Party promises, towards what it will actually do in government.   One area that is relatively well defined is what Labour plans to do on energy and climate policy. It […]
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28 Jun, 2024

Online Safety Act: Outside of ‘big tech’ who should be worrying about its implementation?

Ofcom and DSIT are currently engaged in a back-and-forth exchange about categorising which companies will be caught by the additional duties of the Online Safety Act. Naturally there has been a lot of focus on the biggest and most well-known social media platforms operating in the UK. But alongside this, real regulatory concern is emerging […]
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07 May, 2024

Will it go to penalties? Government introduces a new football regulator

Last week, the Government introduced the Football Governance Bill to Parliament. The culmination of over three years’ work, the Bill addresses concerns about the financial sustainability of English men’s professional football, the probity of individual club owners, and the risk of breakaway leagues (most famously the European Super League) stifling competition.   The Bill is an […]
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27 Mar, 2024

Taxing times – preparing for a post-election tax reckoning

Taxing times – preparing for a post-election reckoning The Chancellor’s Spring Budget was characterised by a search for personal tax cuts to sway voters ahead of this year’s election. But in taking another 2p off the rate of National Insurance paid by employees (on top of the 2p cut announced in November), and leaving only […]
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14 Mar, 2024

Reforming the UK electricity market: Location, location, location

Flint View The urgency of the initial stages of the government’s Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) has drifted in recent months. Formally launched in October 2022, the aim was to swiftly interrogate potential reforms that would better insulate the UK from future global price volatility. But the complexity of implementing major reforms, while maintaining […]
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13 Mar, 2024

Labour’s preparations for power - access talks begin

Labour’s preparations for government are intensifying. Access talks between Labour and senior civil servants have now been requested by Labour and authorised by the Prime Minister. They will start soon – but they will be very private and there will be wariness on both sides.    What happens in the access talks between Labour and […]
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19 Jan, 2024

Prospects for B2G (business to government) firms under a Labour government and after the new Procurement Act 

The Procurement Act recently became law and the new regime it introduces is expected to go live in October 2024, close to the anticipated General Election. The Act and the likelihood of a Labour government, with expectations of higher public spending, has seen increased investor and corporate interest in B2G. While there are genuine growth […]
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01 Dec, 2023

The AI Safety Summit and the path to AI regulation 

The UK is laser-focused on the frontier  The UK’s AI Safety Summit is fast approaching; industry and governments will gather to discuss risks of advanced AI at Bletchley Park this week. Guests include US Vice President Kamala Harris, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres and a range of leading industry […]
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31 Oct, 2023

The King’s Speech: a first for the King, the last for this parliament  

The Bills have been decided and the speech is being drafted - businesses need to be agile if they are to shape government proposals. More weight is resting on the King’s Speech on 7th November than it can possibly bear.   How should businesses prepare for this session’s uncertainty?  What do we already know about the […]
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27 Oct, 2023

Starmer meets Macron: building ties for the future? 

In the run-up to a general election, being seen interacting with world leaders is an important element to building legitimacy and credibility for both the incumbent and challenger campaigning for the top spot. The meeting between Keir Starmer and Emmanuel Macron on 19 September is such a moment. It concludes an intense international week for […]
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19 Sep, 2023

Bigger, brighter? The Future of Space Policy in the UK and EU 

Summary  Space is an economic and geopolitical domain  The space race was once the preserve of superpowers, but today a thriving industry of businesses large and small across numerous nations are vying for dominance across a range of advanced space-based technologies.    In the UK, the Government’s Refreshed Integrated Review reaffirmed the importance of space for […]
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21 Apr, 2023

Taking stock: the legislative programme so far

As Parliament starts the Easter recess, the legislative programme is looking ragged, bearing the marks of three Prime Ministers’ very different decisions. The decision to significantly extend the current session until late autumn could mean a very limited fourth session cut short by a General Election in 2024. It also places huge pressure on the […]
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03 Apr, 2023
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