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Navigating the Swedish Council Presidency 

On 1 January this year, Sweden assumed the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU for a period of six months. As expected, Sweden is staying true to its “honest broker” reputation, though this time it seems to be more out of necessity than choice.   The Swedish Government faces a difficult economic and political […]
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30 Jan, 2023

Reshuffled MidCat pipeline puts sustainability first - at the cost of energy independence?

From MidCat to H2Med One of the biggest challenges for Europe to replace Russian gas is to get gas and hydrogen from southern to central Europe. When pressure from Berlin and Madrid at the height of the energy crisis brought the MidCat pipeline back into the spotlight after years at the back of the drawer, […]
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12 Dec, 2022

An EU gas price cap in name only?

On 22 November, after months of discussions, and much pressure exerted by EU countries, the European Commission released its proposal for a gas price cap, entitled “Regulation establishing a market correction mechanism to protect citizens and the economy against excessively high prices”. But was it worth the wait? The proposal’s price cap per megawatt-hour is […]
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08 Dec, 2022

EU Chips Act: can it work? 

The global chip shortage is disrupting a wide range of business sectors and has raised concerns about Europe’s dependency on a few manufacturing sites located outside the EU’s borders, mostly in Asia. The European Chips Act, unveiled by the European Commission earlier in February, aims to mitigate such geopolitical risk and secure the EU’s technological […]
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22 Feb, 2022

European Digital Policy Outlook for 2022

Key Points: New initiatives in 2022The European Commission 2022 Work Programme contains a handful of new digital policies. The European Chips Act, expected early this year, focusing on capacity building, research and international partnerships and could include similar provisions to the American Chips Act an equivalent initiative. With this legislation the EU will have to reconcile […]
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26 Jan, 2022

Fit For 55, the saga continues…

The new energy Package, or the Fit for 55's logical sequel This week, the European Commission published a set of legislative and policy initiatives as to follow-up on July’s Fit for 55 Package, which aims to achieve a 55% emission reduction target on 1990 levels by 2030. This new Package takes forward the ambition of […]
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17 Dec, 2021

France at the helm: a guide to the French EU Presidency

France will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union between 1 January and 30 June. The success of this Presidency will be a key element of President Macron’s re-election bid. He has placed Europe at the heart of his political priorities and sees this as an opportunity to showcase French leadership in […]
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10 Dec, 2021

European AI regulation: de-risking or stifling innovation?

Last week the European Commission presented its long-awaited proposal for a ‘Regulation laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence’ (AI Act). Alongside this proposal, it also released an updated Coordinated Plan on AI that seeks balance by focusing on investment.  Risk-based approach to AI  The AI Act reveals a more nuanced approach to regulation that has evolved since the […]
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26 Apr, 2021

EU Strategic Autonomy: what is it, and why should we care?

There’s been a good deal of talk lately about EU Strategic Autonomy, in trade, tech, data and, indeed, vaccines. If anything, Biden’s arrival raised new questions. What is all the fuss about?  Strategic Autonomy isn’t a new idea; the EU has been talking about it for seven or eight years. Initially, the focus was on security and defence: how could the EU become a better partner through developing […]
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12 Feb, 2021

Flint bolsters Brussels offer

Flint has taken a significant step in expanding its Brussels offer, with five new EU regulatory experts joining the firm, particularly in EU financial services. “The additional hires result from increased client demand for Flint’s regulatory and policy advice in Brussels at the EU level”, said Gregor Kreuzhuber, Managing Director of Flint in Europe. Fiona […]
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