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What to expect from the new Commission on financial services

Get ready for a seismic shift in the post-2024 EU financial landscape – where economic imperatives, global competition, and recalibrated political priorities converge to shape a dynamic agenda ahead. In terms of setting the post-2024 EU financial services agenda, turnover in the European Parliament and in some Member State governments (Council) are not the primary […]
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12 Mar, 2024

Starmer meets Macron: building ties for the future? 

In the run-up to a general election, being seen interacting with world leaders is an important element to building legitimacy and credibility for both the incumbent and challenger campaigning for the top spot. The meeting between Keir Starmer and Emmanuel Macron on 19 September is such a moment. It concludes an intense international week for […]
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19 Sep, 2023

Midterm in Germany: Where does the coalition stand?

Midterm in the German election cycle, at the beginning of the 2023 summer recess, the “progress coalition” led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck (Greens) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) appears increasingly tired, with the fallout from Russia’s war in Ukraine dominating much of the government’s attention and policymaking. The energy […]
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09 Aug, 2023

The EU’s shift towards economic security and industrial policy. Understanding an evolving landscape and its implications for business  

Economic Security Strategy  Last month the European Commission published its highly anticipated “Economic Security Strategy” – a first-of-its-kind policy document that provides a comprehensive picture of the economic risks the EU is facing from an increasingly challenging geopolitical environment, from supply chain resilience to economic coercion. Building on international discussions on how to “de-risk” international […]
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10 Jul, 2023

Virtual worlds standardisation: What next for the EU? Key challenges and opportunities

While the debate on AI regulation continues to grab media headlines and the attention of policymakers worldwide, discussions on virtual worlds have quietly continued. Regulators around the world are trying to find the right balance between introducing or updating policies to mitigate potential harms of virtual worlds while maximising the potential of these technologies for […]
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06 Jul, 2023

The EU’s Retail Investment Strategy - more than just inducements. A further attempt by the European Commission to get EU citizens to the capital market.  

The Retail Investment Strategy in a Nutshell  With only 30 per cent of EU citizens actively investing in the capital markets, the Commission has long been working on proposals that could make a meaningful difference by tackling transparency and cost issues. This has been focused on restriction to the inducements system of compensating intermediaries and […]
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29 Jun, 2023

France’s energy & climate policy and regulation outlook: when environment and industry meet 

When it comes to climate & energy policy, France is often reduced to nuclear. True, nuclear power is a strategic issue in l’Hexagone. No later than last week, MPs from all across the political spectrum adopted a bill aiming to boost the construction of new nuclear reactors. This does not mean that France does not […]
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26 May, 2023

Bigger, brighter? The Future of Space Policy in the UK and EU 

Summary  Space is an economic and geopolitical domain  The space race was once the preserve of superpowers, but today a thriving industry of businesses large and small across numerous nations are vying for dominance across a range of advanced space-based technologies.    In the UK, the Government’s Refreshed Integrated Review reaffirmed the importance of space for […]
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21 Apr, 2023

The EU’s Data Act: a new market or a major risk?

With Spring in full swing, the EU’s legislators have begun the final stage of negotiations on the Data Act: the EU’s sweeping new law to build a single market for data for the 27 Member States. Businesses must be ready for the possibility that an early agreement is reached before the end of Summer – […]
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17 Apr, 2023

Revitalising the EU electricity market design: Evolution, not revolution

The war in Ukraine has triggered major policy changes. It has reshuffled the EU’s priorities and led to Europe rethinking its approach to energy and climate issues. The European Green Deal has become not only a strategy for achieving climate reduction targets but also a tool for ensuring energy security, strategic autonomy and boosting resilience […]
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06 Mar, 2023

The state of the Ukraine-EU relationship

With Zelenskyy coming to Europe last week to make a number of keynote speeches, from London to Paris and then finally the European Parliament in Brussels, now seems a timely moment to assess the state of the EU/Ukraine relationship. Let’s start by stating what should be clear to all. Zelenskyy is grateful to EU Member […]
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17 Feb, 2023

Navigating the Swedish Council Presidency 

On 1 January this year, Sweden assumed the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU for a period of six months. As expected, Sweden is staying true to its “honest broker” reputation, though this time it seems to be more out of necessity than choice.   The Swedish Government faces a difficult economic and political […]
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30 Jan, 2023
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