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Sam Lowe in the media

Sam Lowe quoted on the BBC website

26 January 2022
“Under the protocol, imports subject to EU trade defence measures will always be subject to the EU tariff, even if they remain in Northern Ireland,” he said. “This means there will be circumstances in which high trade defence tariffs are applied to imports into NI but not to imports into the rest of the UK. “Depending on your perspective, this could mean either higher import costs for NI firms, or (relatively) higher protection from foreign competition.” He added that it was possible that the UK could decide to apply similar defensive tariffs but that was “certainly not a given”.
Sam Lowe

Sam Lowe quoted in the Financial Times

6 December 2021
“In the next 10 years the UK will probably have one of the most efficient borders in the world out of sheer necessity, which you could say is a ‘Brexit dividend’ of sorts,” Flint Director of Trade Sam Lowe quoted in the Financial Times.
Mary Starks

Mary Starks on Sky News

27 September 2021
Flint Partner Mary Starks was a panellist on Sky News The Great Debate: Is Britain running on empty? with Trevor Phillips.
Tim Pitt

Tim Pitt in the Telegraph

20 August 2021
Tim Pitt, Flint Partner and former adviser to Philip Hammond and Sajid Javid was a guest on last week’s Chopper’s Politics podcast discussing how the autumn tax and spending choices are shaping up, and why stories about No10 and No11 being at loggerheads are a refreshing sign of the world getting back to normal.