Writer: Tom Doherty


Labour's New Deal for Working People-plans for workers and trade unions

Labour has made a series of policy commitments in its New Deal for Working People and committed to introduce an Employment Rights Bill within its first 100 days. Employment law is one of the biggest areas of divergence between Labour and the Conservatives. It is unlikely Labour will implement all these measures in the form […]
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21 Mar, 2024

Bigger, brighter? The Future of Space Policy in the UK and EU 

Summary  Space is an economic and geopolitical domain  The space race was once the preserve of superpowers, but today a thriving industry of businesses large and small across numerous nations are vying for dominance across a range of advanced space-based technologies.    In the UK, the Government’s Refreshed Integrated Review reaffirmed the importance of space for […]
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21 Apr, 2023

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