Writer: Sir Julian King

Beyond the Northern Ireland Assembly elections

The Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein emerged as the largest party, while the DUP came second on their anti-Protocol platform. However, there is no majority for either Irish unification nor for scrapping the Northern Irish Protocol. Following confirmation of their position as the largest party after the Northern Irish elections last week, Sinn Fein have […]
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10 May, 2022

Julian King on BBC Today

Discussing the French election result and what this means for the European Union and the relationship between France and the UK.
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27 Apr, 2022

Julian King on LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr

Discussing the Ukraine crisis and the results of the French presedential elections.
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27 Apr, 2022

Julian King and Thomas Matussek on BBCRadio 4

Listen to Specialist Partner Julian King and Senior Adviser Thomas Matussek discussing European and German security/defence policy. @BBCr4today
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15 Mar, 2022

The Flint Podcast - Ukraine: war and sanctions - the implications for business

 Our latest podcast is out! The situation in Ukraine is unfolding rapidly. Listen to Simon Fraser, Julian King, Gregor Kreuzhuber and Sam Lowe discuss what the implications of the war and sanctions will be for business: The Flint Podcast.
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26 Feb, 2022

EU Chips Act: can it work? 

The global chip shortage is disrupting a wide range of business sectors and has raised concerns about Europe’s dependency on a few manufacturing sites located outside the EU’s borders, mostly in Asia. The European Chips Act, unveiled by the European Commission earlier in February, aims to mitigate such geopolitical risk and secure the EU’s technological […]
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22 Feb, 2022

The Flint Podcast - A fracturing world? Geopolitics in 2022

We enter 2022 amid great international uncertainty. Covid may be in retreat in the developed world, but not across the globe. High debt and inflation will make delivering on climate promises hard. Serious political and military tension has flared between Russia and the West over Ukraine. The China/US standoff persists. America is divided and Biden […]
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11 Feb, 2022

Flint Opinions: The challenges for UK business in 2022

2022 is already bringing new challenges for the UK– acute political and economic uncertainty at home and abroad, turbulence in government, inflation and tax rises, Covid and its aftermath, disrupted supply chains and new regulatory frameworks.   We asked Flint’s Specialist Partners to give us their take, from their different perspectives, on what the year has […]
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08 Feb, 2022

Will Macron Recover?

Less than a year before the Presidential elections in April and May 2022, French people decided in votes on 20 and 27 June who will run their Regions and Departments. Although the Departments (the equivalent of English counties) lost most of their powers in 2014 reforms, the Regions (12 in mainland France, plus Corsica and […]
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02 Jul, 2021

Sir Julian King shares his views on joining Flint and the experience he brings to the role as a Flint Senior Adviser

Sir Julian King was the UK’s EU Commissioner 2016-19, responsible for EU policy on security, cyber and important aspects of tech and data. He was previously UK Ambassador to Paris and Dublin, headed the Northern Ireland Office, and has 30 years of experience working on international and multilateral issues in the UK, the US and […]
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14 May, 2021

EU Strategic Autonomy: what is it, and why should we care?

There’s been a good deal of talk lately about EU Strategic Autonomy, in trade, tech, data and, indeed, vaccines. If anything, Biden’s arrival raised new questions. What is all the fuss about?  Strategic Autonomy isn’t a new idea; the EU has been talking about it for seven or eight years. Initially, the focus was on security and defence: how could the EU become a better partner through developing […]
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12 Feb, 2021
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