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Ukraine: The end of financial globalisation?

Russia’s war against Ukraine and the West’s response will have structural long-term economic consequences. A month after the beginning of the war, we take stock of some of the big questions around the macroeconomic impact and the global financial system. Russia and Europe will pay a heavy price A global recession is unlikely. The IMF […]
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29 Mar, 2022

Flint Opinions: What the Ukraine crisis means for business 

We asked some of Flint’s experts for their take on the wider and longer-term impacts of the Ukraine crisis.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on energy prices and security, spurring Western countries to cut or reduce their reliance on Russian gas. This has long-term implications for the energy sector. Nations are scrambling […]
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25 Mar, 2022

Ukraine: the long-term impact on investment

The impact of sanctions has hit Russia harder than many expected and has left investors nursing a combination of heavy losses and long-term uncertainty. Sanctions are the prime cause, but it is the actions of Russia to defend the rouble and prop up their financial system that will create lasting damage.  In equities, market closure […]
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16 Mar, 2022

Crunch time: Climate clock ticks down to COP26

Key points:  Despite numerous calls for further postponement, COP26 is set to go ahead in November, with final logistical arrangements being rushed through so world leaders can descend on Glasgow.  The ever more challenging geopolitical context means the UK Presidency is actively dampening down expectations of what will be agreed, with a diplomatic stand-off not completely excluded at this stage.  Discussions in the margins of the United Nations General […]
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20 Sep, 2021

ESG – Here comes the Regulator

More Growth, More scrutiny ESG investment is surging. ESG bond fund sales are now worth more than $50bn and have tripled in three years. In equities, investors are increasing their demands on companies. After six months, 2021 has already seen a record number of ESG shareholder resolutions passed.   As investment activity grows, so does […]
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07 Jul, 2021

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