Writer: Philip Rycroft

What next for Scotland in the UK?

Prime Minister Liz Truss has taken a tough line on Scotland in the leadership campaign, and  will continue to resist the demands of the Scottish Government for a referendum in 2023.  The Scottish Government’s only other feasible option for a 2023 plebiscite – an advisory referendum – could be removed as soon as next month […]
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13 Sep, 2022

Philip Rycroft on Times Radio

"One of the big consequences of introducing a process that might lead to unilateral action is to increase uncertainty" for businesses in Northern Ireland and across the UK. Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft on Times Radio discussing the Northern Ireland Protocol.
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14 Jun, 2022

Philip Rycroft on Sky News

“One of the things that has happened since Brexit is investment levels in the UK economy have lagged behind where they should be and these investment decisions, in particular, that will be affected by that uncertainty” Flint Specialist Partner, Philip Rycroft speaking on Sky News.
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13 Jun, 2022

Philip Rycroft - Sky News

"All the issues we're dealing with now were predictable when the deal was done." Philip Rycroft, former permanent secretary of DExEU, says the UK should have foreseen that the Northern Ireland Protocol would cause trade rifts with the EU. Philip Rycroft, Flint Specilist Partner and former permanent secretary of DExEU, says the UK should have […]
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17 May, 2022

Flint Opinions: The challenges for UK business in 2022

2022 is already bringing new challenges for the UK– acute political and economic uncertainty at home and abroad, turbulence in government, inflation and tax rises, Covid and its aftermath, disrupted supply chains and new regulatory frameworks.   We asked Flint’s Specialist Partners to give us their take, from their different perspectives, on what the year has […]
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08 Feb, 2022

Philip Rycroft, The Times

Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft in The Times discussing the uncertainty to expect ahead of May’s Holyrood elections and the challenge businesses face in taking the political temperature on a referendum on independence for Scotland.
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17 Feb, 2021

Philip Rycroft in the Yorkshire Post

In his latest article in the Yorkshire Post, Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft argues that devolution will be critical in shaping the future of the UK post-Brexit.
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25 Jan, 2021

Philip Rycroft on BBC Radio 4

Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft provides his views on why a Brexit deal - although relatively thin- is better than a no deal. He argues that with a no deal, sectors like agri-good and automotive would be hit be high tariffs, and the EU would have little incentive to put in place easements to help […]
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16 Nov, 2020
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