Writer: Philip Cordery


Will Macron Recover?

Less than a year before the Presidential elections in April and May 2022, French people decided in votes on 20 and 27 June who will run their Regions and Departments. Although the Departments (the equivalent of English counties) lost most of their powers in 2014 reforms, the Regions (12 in mainland France, plus Corsica and […]
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02 Jul, 2021

Flint News & Flint in the Media

Flint has opened in Paris...  

Flint has taken a significant step in expanding our European offer, opening a new permanent office in Paris headed by Partner Anne-Juliette Rohrbach. Our Flint France team across the company has experience working at the most senior levels in the French government, parliament, regulatory agencies, and the private sector. They support clients on commercial, political […]
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07 Sep, 2022

Flint Senior Adviser, Philip Cordery reflects on his role as a Flint Adviser and the upcoming political challenges in France

Philip Cordery advises companies on French business strategy, policy and regulatory developments. He is based in Paris. During his career, Philip has held senior political positions in Paris and Brussels. He has served as a member of the French Parliament where he was spokesperson for European affairs and worked on EU institutional issues, health policy […]
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14 Jul, 2021
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