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Addressing investor concerns about a Labour government

Labour’s recent Business Conference and commitment to not increasing corporation tax shows it wants to reassure business it will pursue largely centrist, business-friendly policies in government.  But Labour has also challenged business in areas like employment reform and there is policy uncertainty and risk in others. The sell-side needs to get potential investors comfortable with […]
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23 Feb, 2024

Prospects for B2G (business to government) firms under a Labour government and after the new Procurement Act 

The Procurement Act recently became law and the new regime it introduces is expected to go live in October 2024, close to the anticipated General Election. The Act and the likelihood of a Labour government, with expectations of higher public spending, has seen increased investor and corporate interest in B2G. While there are genuine growth […]
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01 Dec, 2023

Five key areas of opportunity for health businesses under a Labour government 

Sub-sector risks and opportunities for private providers and investors    We outline the risks and opportunities for a series of sub-sectors where there are currently high levels of private provision or interest in potential expansion under a Labour government.  1. Insourcing The NHS has record waiting lists – a situation that is likely to be broadly […]
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13 Nov, 2023

How your Vendor Due Diligence and buy-side engagement can address the prospect of a Labour government

A Labour-led government from next Autumn is the most likely scenario and is now the main political and regulatory focus for investors. Known policy risks (i.e. those derived from Labour’s public commitments) are relatively limited and arguably decreasing, as Starmer and Reeves increasingly ensure that Labour does not commit to anything that might present fiscal or […]
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06 Oct, 2023

Why and how political & regulatory due diligence will change over the next five years

A more complex and rapidly shifting external environment will continue to require major changes in political and regulatory due diligence (PDD.)   We see the following key trends in PDD over the next five years, some of which were discussed at the recent Real Deals’ annual due diligence roundtable, which Flint director Martin Summers attended alongside […]
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31 Jul, 2023

Policy outlook for investors 2023+

After a tumultuous political year, 2023 will see a more stable political environment in the UK. This will create opportunities for investors, but business should continue to hedge against geopolitical risk.   Below we set out some of the key opportunities and themes:  1. Companies and investors should start to engage with and prepare for Labour […]
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13 Jan, 2023

Take-private deals – political & regulatory risks and how to mitigate them

Take-private deals will increase  Take-private deals are back in the spotlight, driven in part by lower valuations on the London markets, the impact of weak sterling, and corporate boards and shareholders seeking cash.  A recent survey indicated that over 70% of the PE pipeline is focused on UK-listed companies. This builds on a record year for take-private deals in […]
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29 Nov, 2022

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