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Flint Briefing Call with John Penrose MP on UK Digital Competition Policy

This briefing call discusses the government’s plans for reform of competition and regulation, in particular through the upcoming Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Rights Bill. Chaired by Partner Tim Pitt who is joined by Conservative MP John Penrose and two Flint Competition and Regulation experts, Partner Karla Perca López and Specialist Partner Giles Wilkes. You […]
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13 Jan, 2023

Flint Opinions: The challenges for UK business in 2022

2022 is already bringing new challenges for the UK– acute political and economic uncertainty at home and abroad, turbulence in government, inflation and tax rises, Covid and its aftermath, disrupted supply chains and new regulatory frameworks.   We asked Flint’s Specialist Partners to give us their take, from their different perspectives, on what the year has […]
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08 Feb, 2022

The Flint Podcast

In the aftermath of the Budget and Spending Review,  Flint experts provide their analysis of the Chancellor’s statement, talk through its political and economic implications and what this all means to the business community. Flint PartnerKiran Horwich chairs the discussion between Partner Tim Pitt(former Special Adviser to Chancellors Sajid Javid and Philip Hammond) and Specialist PartnerGiles Wilkes (former Business […]
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01 Nov, 2021

How government really works

It’s not your fine vision that gets the policy over the line One of politics’ better clichés is attributed to Mario Cuomo: you campaign in poetry, you govern in prose.  It is a plea to be pragmatic – you may hear fine words of high principle on the campaign trail, but once inside everything is […]
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18 Aug, 2020

Flint News & Flint in the Media

Giles Wilkes on Times Radio

“This government is getting a theme for doing well at the things it doesn't talk about, and then sort of failing in the things it does.”
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21 Nov, 2023
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