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Revitalising the EU electricity market design: Evolution, not revolution

The war in Ukraine has triggered major policy changes. It has reshuffled the EU’s priorities and led to Europe rethinking its approach to energy and climate issues. The European Green Deal has become not only a strategy for achieving climate reduction targets but also a tool for ensuring energy security, strategic autonomy and boosting resilience […]
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06 Mar, 2023

EU’s winter energy plans: European unity tested

Key Points: Europe is facing the worst energy crisis in its history, affecting the entire European economy and beyond. According to the latest predictions, if Russia completely cuts off gas supplies in the coming months, the EU's GDP could shrink by 1.5%. These economic disruptions could have far-reaching political consequences for EU Member States, both […]
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29 Jul, 2022

Fit For 55, the saga continues…

The new energy Package, or the Fit for 55's logical sequel This week, the European Commission published a set of legislative and policy initiatives as to follow-up on July’s Fit for 55 Package, which aims to achieve a 55% emission reduction target on 1990 levels by 2030. This new Package takes forward the ambition of […]
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17 Dec, 2021

France at the helm: a guide to the French EU Presidency

France will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union between 1 January and 30 June. The success of this Presidency will be a key element of President Macron’s re-election bid. He has placed Europe at the heart of his political priorities and sees this as an opportunity to showcase French leadership in […]
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10 Dec, 2021

Will Macron Recover?

Less than a year before the Presidential elections in April and May 2022, French people decided in votes on 20 and 27 June who will run their Regions and Departments. Although the Departments (the equivalent of English counties) lost most of their powers in 2014 reforms, the Regions (12 in mainland France, plus Corsica and […]
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02 Jul, 2021

Flint News & Flint in the Media

Flint has opened in Paris...  

Flint has taken a significant step in expanding our European offer, opening a new permanent office in Paris headed by Partner Anne-Juliette Rohrbach. Our Flint France team across the company has experience working at the most senior levels in the French government, parliament, regulatory agencies, and the private sector. They support clients on commercial, political […]
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07 Sep, 2022
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