Writer: Conor Sewell

Hong Kong crypto consultation:  A step towards retail inclusion

Following a number of crises in the nascent cryptoasset industry in 2022, most notably the implosion of FTX, politicians and regulators across the world have called for tougher regulation of cryptoasset firms and activities.  However, this global shift in approach to the regulatory landscape for cryptoassets does not uniformly translate to key jurisdictions in the […]
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21 Mar, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank: a cautionary tale of rising interest rates and financial stability 

On 13 March, the Bank of England and HM Treasury announced that the UK subsidiary of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) had been sold to HSBC, to protect depositors’ money and stem potential repercussions for the UK tech sector. This incident shares a root cause with other recent crises, such as the LDI crisis in the […]
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14 Mar, 2023

History repeats itself – first as banking, then as crypto  

The collapse of FTX came about because of poor practice that has been outlawed in other parts of the financial system, including the mismanagement of client assets, which resulted in significant investor harm. Its failure is redolent of aspects of the 2008 financial crisis and has given crypto-sceptics their highest-profile example of why crypto should […]
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15 Nov, 2022
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