Writer: Andrea Klaric

Flint Opinions: What the Ukraine crisis means for business 

We asked some of Flint’s experts for their take on the wider and longer-term impacts of the Ukraine crisis.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on energy prices and security, spurring Western countries to cut or reduce their reliance on Russian gas. This has long-term implications for the energy sector. Nations are scrambling […]
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25 Mar, 2022

The EU and China – more stick, less carrot

Only three months after China and the EU agreed the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment came sanctions, boycotts and a diplomatic standoff. When in March the EU, in coordination with the US, UK and Canada, announced sanctions on four high level Chinese officials and a state security organisation over the abuse of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China’s […]
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11 Jun, 2021

European AI regulation: de-risking or stifling innovation?

Last week the European Commission presented its long-awaited proposal for a ‘Regulation laying down harmonised rules on Artificial Intelligence’ (AI Act). Alongside this proposal, it also released an updated Coordinated Plan on AI that seeks balance by focusing on investment.  Risk-based approach to AI  The AI Act reveals a more nuanced approach to regulation that has evolved since the […]
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26 Apr, 2021
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