Bobby McDonagh

Dublin, Ireland


Bobby advises clients on European Union issues, on British/Irish relations and on Ireland.

Bobby joined Flint after a long career in the Irish diplomatic service during which he was Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the European Union as well Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Italy and Malaysia. He also held several senior positions at the Foreign Ministry in Dublin, including Deputy Secretary General and EU Director General.

He is one of Ireland’s most experienced diplomats on European Union issues, having worked in the three major EU institutions. In addition to many years representing Ireland in the Council of Ministers, he served in the cabinets of two EU Commissioners and was an official of the European Parliament. During Ireland’s EU Presidency in 2004, he led and chaired the negotiations at official level which culminated in agreement on the EU’s Constitutional Treaty, widely regarded as the most complex EU negotiation prior to Brexit.

Bobby has written extensively about EU matters and is now a public commentator in both Ireland and the UK.

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