Remi Kireche

Associate Director

Before joining Flint, Remi worked for more than five years and a half at DG Justice in the European Commission where he led a team in charge of governance and remuneration. In this capacity, he took an active role in the CRR II/CRD V negotiations in 2017, and then worked on the IFR/D and more recently on the CRR III/CRD VI. He intervened in the Council and the European Parliament to support the Commission’s proposals and played an important role in helping legislators to find compromise in his area of expertise. As team leader, he also briefed his top management, including members of cabinet, before trilogues.

In his role, he contributed to works around the interactions between the AML and prudential supervision, ESG risks, and digital operational resilience.

He also represented the Commission at the European Banking Authority and actively strengthened the cooperation with the SSM.

Throughout this period at the Commission, he established excellent working relationships with DG FISMA.

He also has experience working for the industry as he worked for Société Générale in Bruxelles in the regulatory department and with the French authorities as he worked for the French Financial Markets Authority.

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