Nick Morris


Nick draws upon his 25 years of experience to help clients understand and manage the financial and strategic implications of regulatory decisions. He has advised in the UK, EU and Asia-Pacific, including working for many telecom companies on regulatory finance and strategy issues, on numerous market investigations and market studies on competition finance issues, and advising water and telecom companies in the UK on optimizing business rates valuations.

Prior to joining Flint in 2020, Nick led the Regulatory Finance practice at KPMG for 8 years. Before that, he was a Principal in Ofcom’s Competition and Regulatory Finance team for seven years and was an equity analyst covering telecoms stocks earlier in his career.

Nick is an economist, an accountant, a financial analyst and a regulatory specialist, and uses these skills to provide unique, tailored solutions to clients.

Nick led Flint’s business rates engagement with one of the UK’s largest water companies which resulted in a rebate of over £30m for the client as a result of Flint’s work.

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