David Skelton

David Skelton leads Flint’s work on tech policy in Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. He specialises in helping companies prepare for regulatory challenges in the tech space, as well as the impact on geopolitics and broader political issues.

David has worked at the intersection of politics, business and technology for over a decade. He worked extensively in the private sector in London, Singapore and Silicon Valley and with senior politicians and decision makers.

He spent seven years at Google, most recently working within the Global Strategy and Innovation team, as well as leading Google’s Policy Planning team within Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. He spent several years supporting Google’s engagement around competition issues, emerging regulation, controversial content and privacy. He helped to embed the use of a number of foresight techniques, such as scenario planning, within the public policy environment.

David was previously Head of Research at Policy Exchange. He also spent a number of years working as a digital strategy consultant at PA Consulting, working for a number of private and public sector clients. He is also a best-selling author, with The Sunday Times describing his most recent book as “timely, insightful and impassioned.” David has written regularly for a number of publications, as well as appearing on BBC Radio and TV and Sky News.

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