Cao Xuan Hien

Senior Adviser

Hien advises clients on competition law and public policy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hien is a partner at GH Consults LLC (“GHC”), a corporate advisory firm specialising in Vietnamese trade and economic policy and law, leading the firm’s competition law and public policy advisory section. Hien has over a decade of experience supervising and regulating market competition and has advised multinational tech sector clients, including e-commerce service providers, on a broad range of public policy and regulatory issues.

Hien previously served at the Vietnam Competition Authority for over 11 years, where he took charge of the Anti-trust Investigation Division. He was also entrusted with various roles relating to regulatory development and trade negotiations. Hien left government in 2016 to work for Vriens & Partners, where he assisted multiple clients with tasks relating to policy advocacy and government communication. Hien has accumulated hands-on experience with the Vietnamese legal system, in addition to an extensive network of government and non-government stakeholders in Vietnam.

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