Andy King

Specialist Partner

Andy leads Flint’s economic modelling and analysis offering, with the capability to model the national and regional impact of government policies, proposed investments, and company-specific activities, as well as providing insights into the broader macroeconomic climate and outlook.

Before joining Flint, Andy spent 10 years at the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility, most notably as a member of the OBR’s executive ‘Budget Responsibility Committee’ for five years, where he was one of three committee members responsible for producing the Government’s official economic and fiscal forecasts, and led on signing off the Treasury’s estimates of the fiscal impact of new policy measures. He chaired the Climate Working Group of the OECD’s network of independent fiscal institutions. He also served as the OBR’s chief of staff.

Prior to that, Andy held a variety of senior macroeconomic and fiscal policy roles at the Treasury. He also acts as a technical advisor to the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, advising Finance Ministries in Africa and Asia on approaches to fiscal governance, reporting and forecasting.

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