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Labour's New Deal for Working People-plans for workers and trade unions

Labour has made a series of policy commitments in its New Deal for Working People and committed to introduce an Employment Rights Bill within its first 100 days. Employment law is one of the biggest areas of divergence between Labour and the Conservatives. It is unlikely Labour will implement all these measures in the form […]
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21 Mar, 2024

5 lessons from the demise of Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan  

After months of speculation, Keir Starmer has confirmed that Labour has dropped its commitment to spend £28 billion per year on its Green Prosperity Plan. Labour blamed the decision on the deterioration in the public finances under the Conservatives and attempted to fend off criticism by reaffirming other elements of its net zero policy, including the […]
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09 Feb, 2024

Labour’s preparations for power - access talks begin

Labour’s preparations for government are intensifying. Access talks between Labour and senior civil servants have now been requested by Labour and authorised by the Prime Minister. They will start soon – but they will be very private and there will be wariness on both sides.    What happens in the access talks between Labour and […]
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19 Jan, 2024

In pursuit of a more growth-friendly regulatory landscape 

Supporting economic growth  Economic growth has been in short supply in the UK for many years now. And the fiscal space for governments to boost growth has become ever more constrained, with significant risks around the medium-term fiscal outlook. That’s thanks both to the legacy of this century’s financial, Covid and energy crises, and to […]
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30 Nov, 2023

Five key areas of opportunity for health businesses under a Labour government 

Sub-sector risks and opportunities for private providers and investors    We outline the risks and opportunities for a series of sub-sectors where there are currently high levels of private provision or interest in potential expansion under a Labour government.  1. Insourcing The NHS has record waiting lists – a situation that is likely to be broadly […]
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13 Nov, 2023

How your Vendor Due Diligence and buy-side engagement can address the prospect of a Labour government

A Labour-led government from next Autumn is the most likely scenario and is now the main political and regulatory focus for investors. Known policy risks (i.e. those derived from Labour’s public commitments) are relatively limited and arguably decreasing, as Starmer and Reeves increasingly ensure that Labour does not commit to anything that might present fiscal or […]
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06 Oct, 2023

Starmer meets Macron: building ties for the future? 

In the run-up to a general election, being seen interacting with world leaders is an important element to building legitimacy and credibility for both the incumbent and challenger campaigning for the top spot. The meeting between Keir Starmer and Emmanuel Macron on 19 September is such a moment. It concludes an intense international week for […]
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19 Sep, 2023

5 things Labour will need to do to decarbonise the power sector by 2030

In his speech on Labour’s national missions in February, Keir Starmer reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to decarbonise the power sector by 2030 – 5 years earlier than the current Government’s target, which the Climate Change Committee has already warned the UK is not on track to meet.   Whether or not this is achievable in such a […]
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09 Mar, 2023
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