Service or Sector: Geopolitical analysis and horizon scanning

Ten consequences for business of a second Trump presidency 

Donald Trump is at present polling marginally ahead of Joe Biden. It is too close to call at this distance, and events between now and November will continue to shape the outcome. However, a second Trump term is obviously a realistic prospect. Here we consider ten things global businesses should be thinking about. 1. Good […]
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17 Jun, 2024

US Presidential election – either way, it’s America first 

The US Presidential and Congressional elections will take place on 5th November. The result will have far-reaching consequences globally and could have a significant impact on businesses operating in the US.  Electoral dynamics  The Presidential election on 5 November is highly likely to be fought between Trump and Biden. The last Republican challenger Nikki Haley […]
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27 Feb, 2024

2024 Elections: An overview of the political landscape

Over 2 billion people – a quarter of the world’s population – will be affected by elections in 2024, including in the US, EU, UK, Taiwan, India and Russia. Some will have significant global implications, though in many cases the full effects will not play through until 2025. This blog explores the upcoming elections and […]
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09 Nov, 2023

COP28 could mark a new climate crossroads 

The COP28 summit in Dubai is taking place against a challenging geopolitical backdrop and an economic context not conducive to keeping global emissions in check. Despite this, the UAE Presidency is focused on achieving a solid result and hopes that significant commitments can be unlocked from high-emitting sectors, including upstream oil and gas. Progress through […]
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03 Oct, 2023

UK-US cooperation on the digital economy: reasons to celebrate?

Headlines coming out of Rishi Sunak’s recent visit to the US focused on the UK-US ‘Atlantic Declaration’. The Declaration covers a range of areas for bilateral cooperation, with a significant focus on digital and tech. This includes substantive commitments on the UK-US data bridge and cooperation on emerging technologies including AI, as well as a […]
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20 Jun, 2023

Snap election in Spain – what to expect?

A resounding defeat for PM Sánchez While the polls suggested absolute majorities for the centre-right People’s Party (PP) in the Madrid and La Rioja regions, no one expected a victory of the scale and implications as the one ultimately obtained by Alberto Núñez-Feijóo’s party in the regional and local elections last Sunday. The ruling socialists […]
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01 Jun, 2023

G7 summit: the challenges to Western unity 

The G7 Leaders’ Summit is taking place on 19 – 21 May in Hiroshima, Japan. Economic security and combating economic coercion will be the dominant themes, driven by the US as they push allies to curb dependencies on China.   Opposition to Russia and support for Ukraine will be the other main theme. Leaders will discuss a […]
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19 May, 2023
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