Service or Sector: ESG and Sustainability

The real story of REMA

The UK Government has launched it's second Review of the Electricity Market Arrangement (REMA). Whilst there has recently been a lot of talk about the UK falling behind its counterparts in green investment. It is true the UK’s fiscal firepower is unable to compete with the US Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s Green Industrial […]
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11 Apr, 2024

COP28 could mark a new climate crossroads 

The COP28 summit in Dubai is taking place against a challenging geopolitical backdrop and an economic context not conducive to keeping global emissions in check. Despite this, the UAE Presidency is focused on achieving a solid result and hopes that significant commitments can be unlocked from high-emitting sectors, including upstream oil and gas. Progress through […]
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03 Oct, 2023

Green finance in 2023: Getting into gear, albeit at a lower speed 

The slightly dampened momentum we saw on green finance over the course of 2022 is unlikely to shift materially this year as governments continue to grapple with economic and inflationary pressures. The stronger focus on energy security opposed to climate action is leading to a gradual loosening of sustainability requirements. This is challenging for businesses […]
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31 Jan, 2023
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