Business rates advisory

We have a dedicated team of business rates experts that helps clients push for consistent regulatory and tax treatment of their infrastructure assets. We have unparalleled experience making the case for appropriate valuation to the relevant authorities and a proven track record of delivering significant savings.

Flint helps clients with complex network assets to optimise their business rates liabilities, using a mix of economic, financial and regulatory expertise. Business rates typically account for around 10% of the operational cost of most utilities and are usually one of the top five cash costs. Rates are sometimes regarded as an “uncontrollable” cost.

Flint’s approach

At Flint, we analyse data sources from across the company, not only financial but also operational and physical. We adopt forensic techniques and conduct in-depth analysis to identify the most robust data sources to analyse, and then we collate our analysis and present the findings to the tax authorities.
We understand the business rates, industry and regulatory environments
We use our expertise to align the business rates submissions to the regulatory and financial positions.
We provide bespoke advice and analysis
Our bespoke advice and analysis enables a more robust valuation and takes proper account of network investment and innovation.

Case studies

Business rates work for a large UK water company
Business rates work for a large UK water company
Our client was paying relatively higher levels of business rates than its peers, and wanted to see what could be done to bring its rates into line with other water companies.
The implication was that the tax authorities were not adequately taking into account our client’s network upgrades.
  • Reviewed the existing assessment to see what information was included, then identified additional information sources that could be helpful.
  • We analysed the new data in order to create evidence for the tax authorities to make their assessment more robust. We presented this evidence and led discussions with the tax authorities.
  • Through an iterative process we reached an agreement with the tax authorities on the best approach to capture the relevant data.
  • The tax authorities were happy to have more robust evidence to include in their assessment.
  • The resulting assessment implied a significant (5-10%) reduction in the annual business rates liability.
  • Our client received a cash rebate worth £10s of millions.

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Sectors where we can help


Flint helps companies and investors navigate the UK water sector, and the complex – and evolving – political, policy and regulatory environment in which it operates.


Flint helps telecommunications providers and investors navigate a complex and ever-changing competition, policy and regulatory landscape drawing on our deep sector knowledge and extensive senior level industry experience.


Flint supports companies at the heart of the energy transition to navigate the rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment that impacts investment and commercial plans.


We help corporates and investors across the UK and Europe to understand and navigate the political, policy and regulatory landscape across the infrastructure and energy sectors.

Our experts

Nick Morris

Nick advises clients on competition finance, regulatory strategy, business rates and network economics

Momin Hayee

Momin advises clients on costing, pricing, profitability and business rates across multiple sectors

Jaz Sansoye

Jaz uses economic analysis & modelling to advise clients facing complex competition, regulatory and strategy challenges

James Hedgeland

James co-leads our health team, having joined Flint from the Department of Health and Social Care

Andy King

Andy leads Flint's economic modelling and analysis offering

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Case Study Title
A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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