Interims, placements and capacity building

We leverage our extensive experience of what works, as well as an exclusive and experienced network of staff and associates to provide direct support to clients with political, policy and regulatory capacity needs.

Secondment of staff

Flint places experienced staff with clients on a secondment or interim basis, drawn from its multinational team and a wider pool of policy and regulatory practitioners. Whether to backfill parental leave or resource a project, we have a track record of embedding individuals at all levels of experience within firms, on a flexible basis.

Placement of associates

Flint provides access to and places experienced and talented individuals to help steer your business through unique policy, political and regulatory challenges, for a time limited basis.

Identifying Board-level talent

We draw from our network of highly qualified non-executive candidates from the most senior levels of political affairs, policy and regulation to build board capability for corporates, investors and their portfolio companies.

Building capability, reputation and impact

Based on our extensive expertise of what works across organisations of all sizes, Flint is uniquely placed to support clients to create, review and build the capacity of their in-house policy, regulatory and government affairs functions. We can also provide insight on clients reputation and impact with policy-makers, and help you devise strategies to increase their impact.

Flint’s approach

We provide experienced staff on a time-limited, flexible basis, to fit the level of seniority and expertise required, and able to hit the ground running to drive ahead your government affairs and regulatory priorities.
We provide experienced staff to fit the level of seniority and expertise required, and able to hit the ground running to drive ahead your government affairs and regulatory priorities.
We can recommend Non-Executives with experience at the most senior levels of politics, policy making, and regulation, and selected to meet the specific needs of your Board and company strategy.
We help you to design and build market-leading government affairs and regulatory policy teams, leveraging our vast experience of what works, both from a business and a government-side perspective.
We carry out perceptions audits and market analysis to help you identify your profile and impact with opinion formers and decision-makers; using this to optimise government affairs activities and future strategy.

Case studies

Government affairs function review and perceptions audit
Government affairs function review and perceptions audit
A newly appointed leader within an advanced manufacturing company wanted to refresh their government affairs function, and to understand the baseline of their company’s reputation and impact amongst policy-makers to inform a new strategy and to execute it effectively.
  • Flint carried out a perceptions audit, discreetly gathering insight into the client’s ways of working and reputation in the political, policy and regulatory spheres across the UK and EU. We used this to provide an analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We then advised on a refreshed government affairs strategy to address these points, and on how the strategy could be optimally executed through the activities of the Government Affairs team and company executives.
  • A refreshed strategy, maximising insights from the perceptions work, was executed and demonstrably built credibility and impact for the client. A more tightly focused Government Affairs team, working toward clearer strategic objectives, shared at all levels in the organisation, was instrumental in achieving this.
Secondment to tech sector on EU regulation
Secondment to tech sector on EU regulation
A tech multinational sought to amplify its concerns on the transposition of an EU directive within the broader business community, civil society and the users of its services in six European markets.
  • On a two-day-per-week secondment, a Flint manager implemented this stakeholder outreach campaign in six markets, by working with the company’s country teams to secure meetings with influential stakeholders in the business community and within civil society, reporting back on outcomes of this outreach campaign to the company’s C-suite executives. The Flint Manager also organised a workshop to train the company’s staff to engage with end users on the transposition challenges and compliance strategy in relation to this EU Directive.
  • As a result, the client was able to build alliances with various third-party stakeholders with similar concerns about this EU Directive, thus amplifying the range of voices pointing out the risks associated with certain approaches to transposing the Directive to Ministers, civil servants and parliamentarians. This ultimately led to a more constructive and evidence-based transposition of the EU Directive in certain markets.
Building regulatory and strategy capacity in a major utility company
Building regulatory and strategy capacity in a major utility company
A regulated utility wanted to deepen understanding amongst its senior managers of the regulatory environment, of political and policy trends affecting its operating context, and of regulatory compliance. The client also wanted to ensure this deepened regulatory knowledge was built into a refreshed corporate strategy.
  • Offered a tailor-made training package, typically consisting of 5-hour sessions, combined with shorter strategic sessions for executives and board members along with training reference materials. Advised on how the company could ensure this knowledge was utilised within a new strategy and in compliance processes.
  • Improved understanding of regulation among middle and senior management and regulatory compliance. Improved ability to have meaningful discussions about the company’s strategy with a wider range of staff. Higher quality decision making, where regulatory incentives and operational considerations are more accurately considered.

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A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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