European Affairs

We are experts in policy, regulatory and political matters in the EU and across Europe.

We help businesses and investors manage risk and create opportunity in the European market. With teams in Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam, and senior advisers in many other EU capitals, we provide authoritative advice on EU institutions, policymaking and the attitudes of individual member states, as well as opportunities for corporates and investors in national markets.

Our objective

In Brussels and across European capitals, we offer advice on policy, regulation and politics in the EU.
Insights. We provide insight and foresight on EU regulations and legislation to keep our clients ahead of business-critical developments.


Geopolitical advice. We provide analysis and advice on global, regional and national politics so that our clients can stay ahead of events and their regulatory and political consequences.


Regulatory advice. We identify and explain business critical issues at EU level and help clients influence and respond to them.


Narrative preparation and validation. We prepare and validate evidence-based narratives that are closely tied to commercial objectives and reflect political realities at EU and national level.


Government advocacy. We offer advice designed to optimise our clients’ representation and policy engagement in the EU and in Member State capitals.


Strategic positioning and engagement. We support clients in developing positions that resonate with EU policymakers and help them prepare effective, targeted communication strategies.


Media outreach and monitoring. We support our clients in identifying media opportunities and help them advance their positions in the public debate.


Events support. We help clients identify event opportunities and support them in organising high quality events to meet their advocacy needs.


Alliance building. We manage industry coalitions and help our clients build topical and long-standing alliances with colleagues and stakeholders.


Sectors where we can help

Financial Services

Flint helps financial services institutions, from established players to growing fintechs, navigate an ever-more complex regulatory and policy landscape and understand the broader political context in which these events take place.


Flint supports companies at the heart of the energy transition to navigate the rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment that impacts investment and commercial plans.

Media, entertainment and sport

Flint works with major players in the media, sports and entertainment sectors to provide strategic advice at a time where policy and regulation is seeking to adapt to rapid developments in technology and societal expectations.


We work with companies and investors in the technology sector, supporting their businesses with strategic advice on political and policy change.


We help companies, investors, and sector bodies navigate fast-changing and complex transport policy and regulation.

Health and Life Sciences

Changes in health policy and regulation pose both commercial opportunities and risks.


Our experts

Gregor Kreuzhuber

Gregor advises clients on EU regulatory strategy and strategic communications.

Anne-Juliette Rohrbach

Anne-Juliette supports clients on policy, political and regulatory issues in France and Europe

Chris Fonteijn

Chris advises clients on competition and regulatory issues and dealing with governments

Fiona Wright

Fiona advises clients on EU political, policy, regulatory issues, including financial services, ESG, and climate policy

Thomas Barros-Tastets

Thomas supports clients on policy, political and regulatory issues in France and Europe

Benoît Roussel

Benoît supports clients on EU policy, regulatory and strategic communications issues in Brussels and Paris

Bruno Maçães

Bruno advises clients in the tech, life sciences and financial services sectors on EU political issues and policy

Carlos Lopez Blanco

Carlos is based in Madrid and advises companies on political and regulatory issues in Spain, the EU and Latin America

David Wright

David is based in Spain & advises on international policy and regulatory developments for financial services clients

Lidia Kozlowska

Lidia is based in Warsaw & London & advises clients on Central European business, policy and regulatory developments

Philip Cordery

Philip is based in Paris and advises companies on French business strategy, policy and regulatory developments

Stephen Kinsella

Stephen advises clients on anti-trust, regulatory, policy developments and competition matters

Thomas Matussek

Thomas is based in Berlin and advises companies on German and European political and regulatory developments

Adriana Capparelli

Adriana supports clients on policy and regulation in the digital, telecoms and media sector

Anna Abela

Anna advises clients on EU and UK political and regulatory developments across a range of sectors

Claus Grube

Claus supports clients on national politics in Nordic countries, policies & regulatory issues in the EU/Nordic region

François-Joseph Schichan

Francois-Joseph advises clients on EU affairs and geopolitics across a range of sectors

Clémence Maulat

Clémence has hands-on experience in EU regulation, political issues and policy analysis

Ivana Bartolac

Ivana supports clients on a range of policy and regulatory issues with a focus on sustainability and energy

Julia Quintella

Julia advises clients on EU policy and regulatory developments across a range of sectors

Marie Lykke-Jensen

Marie advises clients on EU political issues and policy analysis across a range of sectors including digital and health

Marie-Louise Leijh-Smit

Marie-Louise supports clients on a variety of matters concerning competition policy, law and economics

Martin Holterman

Martin Holterman supports clients on competition and regulation matters in the UK, the Netherlands, and the EU

Matteo Panizzardi

Matteo advises clients on EU and UK political issues and policy analysis, with a focus on digital and trade

Miro Guzzini

Miro advises clients on AI/digital policy as well as political developments at EU level and in European capitals

Padraig Nolan

Padraig advises clients on a range of complex policy issues such as digital, financial services, trade and competition

Pepe López-Rúa Taboada

Pepe supports clients on EU political issues and policy analysis across a range of sectors

Julian King

Julian advises clients on political, policy and regulatory issues in the UK and across Europe.

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A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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