Competition and regulatory advice

Our team of economists and regulatory finance experts has extensive experience at the most senior levels within regulators and competition authorities in the UK and across the EU. We have an outstanding track record of securing successful outcomes for our clients.

We combine a technical grasp of regulatory and competition economics with our deep understanding of the strategic and political context within which the authorities operate. We know how agencies make decisions and use this experience to help our clients engage with impact.

Our objective

By combining deep technical knowledge with a strong understanding of both economics and the political context, we work with our clients to:
Drive successful M&A outcomes


Develop and execute effective regulatory strategies


Build evidence to support casework or policy positions


Prepare compelling regulatory, competition and policy submissions


Engage effectively and persuasively with decision-makers


Our offer

Analysis and evidence building

Competition and regulation policy and strategy

Competition and security clearance

Investigations and litigation

Business Rates advisory

We work with our clients to develop compelling economic analysis backed up by robust evidence. We know that analysis and evidence can be powerful tools when seeking to engage and influence decision-makers, but only when done properly. That means getting the economics right, as well as assembling the appropriate evidence and understanding the broader political and policy context.
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We help our clients develop and implement effective regulatory strategies. We help them anticipate, shape and respond to regulatory developments, build well-functioning regulatory teams and cultivate effective relationships with their regulators and competition authorities.
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Our team is made up of experts who have come from inside government and regulators, who understand how transactions will be viewed by authorities and how risks can be mitigated to secure smooth execution.
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We help our clients understand and navigate the complex challenges that arise in competition law investigations, market studies, and market investigations, and from regulatory obligations imposed in regulated sectors. We also provide extensive support on litigation and regulatory appeals, working closely with legal teams to give our clients the best possible prospects for success.
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We have a dedicated team of business rates experts that helps clients push for consistent regulatory and tax treatment of their infrastructure assets. We have unparalleled experience making the case for appropriate valuation to the relevant authorities and a proven track record of delivering significant savings.
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Sectors where we can help


Flint helps telecommunications providers and investors navigate a complex and ever-changing competition, policy and regulatory landscape drawing on our deep sector knowledge and extensive senior level industry experience.

Financial Services

Flint helps financial services institutions, from established players to growing fintechs, navigate an ever-more complex regulatory and policy landscape and understand the broader political context in which these events take place.


Flint supports companies at the heart of the energy transition to navigate the rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment that impacts investment and commercial plans.


We help companies, investors, and sector bodies navigate fast-changing and complex transport policy and regulation.


Flint helps companies and investors navigate the UK water sector, and the complex – and evolving – political, policy and regulatory environment in which it operates.

Media, entertainment and sport

Flint works with major players in the media, sports and entertainment sectors to provide strategic advice at a time where policy and regulation is seeking to adapt to rapid developments in technology and societal expectations.


We work with companies and investors in the technology sector, supporting their businesses with strategic advice on political and policy change.

Our experts

Mark Caines

Mark provides expert advice on economic regulation and policy with a particular focus on infrastructure sectors.

Katie Curry

Katie provides expert economic advice on competition and regulatory matters across a wide range of sectors.

Chris Fonteijn

Chris advises clients on competition and regulatory issues and dealing with governments.

Charlie Geffen

Charlie, based in the UK, advises investors & corporates on major transactions, governance & strategic business issues.

Stephen Kinsella

Stephen advises clients on anti-trust, regulatory, policy developments and competition matters.

Craig Lonie

Craig supports clients on complex financial and economic matters, in regulation and competition.

Simon Maunder

Simon helps clients manage complex competition, regulatory and policy matters in the UK and beyond.

Nick Morris

Nick advises clients on competition finance, regulatory strategy, business rates and network economics.

Karla Perca Lopez

Karla advises clients on competition, regulatory policy and economic issues across a range of sectors.

Ed Richards

Ed advises clients who face regulatory challenges.

Mary Starks

Mary advises clients on economic, competition and regulatory issues in the tech, financial services and energy sector.

Steve Unger

Steve advises clients on complex regulatory and policy developments and supports clients on competition matters.

Momin Hayee

Momin advises clients on costing, pricing, profitability and business rates across multiple sectors.

Marie-Louise Leijh-Smit

Marie-Louise supports clients on a variety of matters concerning competition policy, law and economics.

Rohan Sakhrani

Rohan supports clients on competition, regulation and policy issues across a number of sectors.

Becky Young

Becky advises clients on competition and regulatory matters across a range of sectors.

Martin Holterman

Martin Holterman supports clients on competition and regulation matters in the UK, the Netherlands, and the EU.

Ed Mills

Ed Mills advises clients on regulation, competition and economic issues, particularly in network industries.

Patrícia Pinto e Filipe

Patrícia advises clients on competition, regulation and policy issues across a broad range of sectors.

Nick Seaford

Nick advises clients on competition, regulatory and policy issues.

Sumedha Batra

Sumedha is part of the Competition and Regulation practice, based in London.

Tamim Kalaji

Tamim is part of the Competition and Regulation practice, based in London.

Jonathan Sandler

Jonathan advises clients on a wide range of issues in competition, regulation and related policy.

Kah Loon Tham

Kah Loon advises clients on competition, regulatory, and economic issues. He is based in London.

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We will be delighted to discuss how Flint could support you and tailor our services to help you deliver commercial success in this area.
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Case Study Title
A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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