We work with companies and investors in the technology sector, supporting their businesses with strategic advice on political and policy change.

Flint provides political and policy advice to some of the largest operators in the technology industry, including clients in artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce, fintech, new media and communications. Digital transformation is of strategic importance to economies around the world, and our expertise, drawing on insights from the highest levels of government, is designed to help businesses shape the policy environment they operate in, by making sense of the regulatory environment and its rapid evolution.

Flint’s approach

We focus on identifying and translating political, policy and regulatory developments into new business opportunities and commercially valuable advice for effective investor and business management.
Providing key insights into digital policy developments
Our experts have unparalleled experience and networks in the field of digital regulation and are skilled in anticipating future developments. We provide strategic advice of the highest standards to clients seeking to understand and shape the policy development process.
Formulating precise engagement plans
When technology companies have disruptive business models, make investments and acquisitions, or undertake research projects they are likely to interest policymakers. We help develop comprehensive engagement strategies to generate positive outcomes that align with commercial interests.
Supporting technical submissions to regulatory bodies
Technology companies are increasingly being asked challenging questions by governments and regulators around the world, as policy makers seek to understand their services better. Our experts have first-hand experience in evidence-gathering and can provide direct support to clients as they manage the process.
Preparing clients for close public scrutiny
High-profile political and public scrutiny of technology companies’ activities is to be expected as innovation shapes economies and societies. Our insights can help clients prepare for key moments allowing them to credibly present to stakeholders, managing their reputation, and communicating their vision clearly.

Our experts

Alex Martin

Alex offers authoritative advice on cutting edge policy issues

Mark Caines

Mark provides expert advice on economic regulation and policy with a particular focus on infrastructure sectors

Katie Wake

Katie oversees Flint’s policy and political analysis work.

Matthew Hanney

Matthew leads Flint’s work advising clients on a range of policy and regulatory risks across a range of sectors

Kiran Horwich

Kiran is a Partner at Flint serving corporate clients and investors across many sectors

Sam Lowe

Sam advises clients on UK and EU trade policy.

Steve Unger

Steve advises clients on complex regulatory and policy developments and supports clients on competition matters

Dame Sue Owen

Dame Sue Owen advises clients on a wide range of UK political, economic and regulatory issues

Nikki da Costa

Nikki works with clients on UK legislative, policy, and regulatory issues. She works part-time for Flint

Anna Abela

Anna advises clients on EU and UK political and regulatory developments across a range of sectors

Ewan Lusty

Ewan advises clients on political and policy issues across a range of sectors, including digital and tech

Maria Murray

Maria advises clients on UK political issues and policy analysis across a range of sectors

Nick Seaford

Nick advises clients on competition, regulatory, policy issues and the UK Labour Party

Charlie Jackson

Charlie advises clients on UK emerging policy and political issues with a particular focus on digital technology

Alfred Burton

Alfred advises clients in the digital and cultural sectors

Melissa Gordon

Melissa advises clients on political issues across a range of sectors

Koyin Fuwa

Koyin advises clients on UK political issues and policy analysis

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A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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