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Flint works with major players in the media, sports and entertainment sectors to provide strategic advice at a time where policy and regulation is seeking to adapt to rapid developments in technology and societal expectations.

We help major companies and institutions deliver improved commercial outcomes by anticipating, interpreting and responding to opportunities and risks created by change in policy, regulation and politics. Our expert team comes from the highest levels of government and regulators and has built and implemented policy and regulatory frameworks that shape how we share information and consume entertainment and sport. We combine policy and regulatory experience in news, broadcasting, social media and sports regulation with political, legislative and commercial insight to help our clients deliver positive outcomes.

Flint’s approach

Flint works with major players in the media, sports and entertainment sectors to provide strategic advice at a time where policy and regulation is seeking to adapt to rapid developments in technology and societal expectations.

Providing insights into media, entertainment and sports policy developments
Governments, parliaments and regulators are taking an ever-closer interest in media and entertainment services as consumer behaviour evolves. Our experts have extensive experience and networks in media, entertainment and sports policy and regulation, and are skilled at anticipating future developments. We provide insight, analysis and strategic advice to clients seeking to understand, shape and respond to the rapidly evolving policy environment.
Understanding geopolitical regulatory trends and developments
We help businesses navigate the multiple workstreams of media, communications, data, finance and competition regulators, increasingly working together and internationally. Our experts provide insights into the interfaces between the different agencies, their domestic and international objectives and the rationale behind new areas of policy and regulation.
Supporting policy and regulatory submissions to government bodies
As the media and sports sectors adapt to changes in the way we consume entertainment, governments and regulators around the world are developing new regulatory and compliance models. Their objective is to provide effective oversight that promotes competition, access to public service broadcasting, plurality and freedom of speech. Our experts have first-hand experience in policy formulation and evidence-gathering and can provide direct support to clients as they engage with the policy and regulatory processes to shape the overall framework.
Formulating effective, targeted engagement plans
Drawing on our deep understanding of the sectors and of the overarching policy and regulatory environments, we help media, entertainment and sports companies and their investors engage effectively with government and authorities. We help develop comprehensive engagement strategies to generate positive outcomes that align with commercial interests.

Case studies

Advising a major social media company to inform regulatory change
Advising a major social media company to inform regulatory change
The UK Government and EU Commission have taken an increasingly close interest in social media companies, building regulatory frameworks with new responsibilities for user-to-user platforms. Flint was brought in to help a major player shape its policy responses as legislation progressed, to inform the debate, mitigate risks, and support policymakers to develop workable regulation.
Deployed our Specialist Partners and senior team to offer political and regulatory advice on the processes of legislation and regulatory implementation in the UK and EU.
Mobilised our networks to obtain insight into the progress and political direction of reforms and regulatory interventions.
Assisted with the preparation of key interventions in official consultation processes and inquiries.
Defined the company's position externally and engagement strategy, representing core commercial priorities whilst being salient to policymakers.
Provided clarity on important stages of legislation and regulation to target interventions and support compliance.
Supported engagement with key stakeholders in the political and regulatory sphere, to inform the development of legislation at each stage and ensure a workable framework.
Major sports competition acquisition
Major sports competition acquisition
A private equity firm was considering an investment in an international sporting tournament. Flint was engaged to inform the bid team on the nature of the regulatory regime, how adjustments are made, and to assess the likelihood that the tournament would be required to be shown live on free-to-air TV, reducing the value of the broadcasting rights. We also provided expert advice on competition issues relating to the amalgamation of sports rights.
Flint engaged relevant stakeholders supportive of investment and regulatory changes, and provided an assessment of all interested parties views, including political and regulatory actors, to the client.
Our competition experts – several of whom have deep expertise in sports rights from previous roles – worked alongside the client’s external legal counsel to develop and strengthen arguments to competition authorities about the impact of sports rights’ amalgamation.
Anticipating wider stakeholder concerns about the future of broadcasting, we formulated an engagement plan to land positive messages about the deal and minimise the chances of it being politicised.
We provided advice to the client on the potential for evolution in the regulatory framework, as well on specific risks to manage, in order to best inform their offer.
We supported their submissions to a competition regulator, whose assessment is currently ongoing.
Facilitated successful and productive engagement with governmental stakeholders, generating buy-in for the proposals.
Supporting a global media merger
Supporting a global media merger
A foreign company sought to buy a major UK licensed broadcaster, facing significant political and regulatory risk. The transaction raised issues about the client's ability to operate in the UK market, and the decision to approve the merger was overseen by a regulator seeking preserve competition in the market.
Produced a strategic assessment of the regulatory, competition and political risks raised by the deal, developing a strategy to manage them.
Developed substantive economic arguments and reasoning to support the risk management approach, as well as ensuring transaction documents reflected the priorities of the regulator.
Advised on wider political considerations that needed to be addressed to minimise the risk of political intervention, including engagement with the regulator, government and parliamentarians.
The client successfully secured full regulatory approval ahead of schedule, against widespread expectations that the case would be subject to intervention.
The outcome will deliver an overall value to the client worth several million pounds.

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Our experts

Ed Richards

Ed assists clients who seek to navigate successfully developments in the policy, political and regulatory arenas.

Katie Wake

Katie oversees Flint’s policy and political analysis work.

Steve Unger

Steve advises clients on complex regulatory and policy developments and supports clients on competition matters

Kiran Horwich

Kiran is a Partner at Flint serving corporate clients and investors across many sectors

Mark Caines

Mark provides expert advice on economic regulation and policy with a particular focus on infrastructure sectors

Matthew Hanney

Matthew leads Flint’s work advising clients on a range of policy and regulatory risks across a range of sectors

Dame Sue Owen

Dame Sue Owen advises clients on a wide range of UK political, economic and regulatory issues

Stephen Kinsella

Stephen advises clients on anti-trust, regulatory, policy developments and competition matters

Rohan Sakhrani

Rohan supports clients on competition, regulation and policy issues across a number of sectors

Nick Seaford

Nick advises clients on competition, regulatory, policy issues and the UK Labour Party

Ewan Lusty

Ewan advises clients on political and policy issues across a range of sectors, including digital and tech

Charlie Jackson

Charlie advises clients on UK emerging policy and political issues with a particular focus on digital technology

Alfred Burton

Alfred advises clients in the digital and cultural sectors

Melissa Gordon

Melissa advises clients on political issues across a range of sectors

Becky Young

Becky advises clients on competition and regulatory matters across a range of sectors

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A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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