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We help advanced manufacturers to navigate a fast moving regulatory and policy landscape, to anticipate and manage domestic and geopolitical risk, and to take advantage of opportunities, for example in new technologies, trade, investment.

We apply our extensive experience working in industrial policy within government, and serving clients across many advanced manufacturing segments (such as auto, aero, and energy) to help our clients anticipate, interpret and respond to political, policy and regulatory developments relevant to their commercial aims. We work with them to ensure their strategies, priorities and activities take account of these external changes, and we help businesses to bring together the arguments and evidence they can use to shape debate in the political and policy sphere. Supporting them on the who and how of effective engagement; whether the aim is to shape regulatory debate, secure support and funding for a major initiative, or to improve their profile in the policy making arena.

Flint’s approach

We focus on identifying and translating political, policy and regulatory developments into new business opportunities and commercially valuable advice for effective investor and business management.
Support companies to navigate strategic risks and trends
We horizon scan global and local trends and analyse their impact on the specific interests of our clients.
Advise on regulatory, policy and political strategy
We support our clients to develop effective, prioritised approaches to engagement, armed with the arguments and evidence that will make a difference.
Advise on political and policy engagement
We provide clear, actionable advice on who and how to engage in order to deliver clients’ priorities.
A learning and adaptive process
We gather insight on how client engagement is landing within the political and policy sphere and work with our clients to continually refine and progress arguments and engagement to maximise impact.

Case studies

Government affairs function review and perceptions audit
Government affairs function review and perceptions audit
A newly appointed leader within an advanced manufacturing company wanted to refresh their government affairs function, and to understand the baseline of their company’s reputation and impact amongst policy-makers to inform a new strategy and to execute it effectively.
  • Flint carried out a perceptions audit, discreetly gathering insight into the client’s ways of working and reputation in the political, policy and regulatory spheres across the UK and EU. We used this to provide an analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We then advised on a refreshed government affairs strategy to address these points, and on how the strategy could be optimally executed through the activities of the Government Affairs team and company executives.
  • A refreshed strategy, maximising insights from the perceptions work, was executed and demonstrably built credibility and impact for the client. A more tightly focused Government Affairs team, working toward clearer strategic objectives, shared at all levels in the organisation, was instrumental in achieving this.
Support for EV manufacturer to shape policy and secure funding for R&D and for new production facility
Support for EV manufacturer to shape policy and secure funding for R&D and for new production facility
A client needed support to put together an investment package for a UK factory, whilst considering this against opportunities to place the factory in other countries. In order to do this a dialogue with national and local government was needed to assess the available support, including for UK R&D activities.
Flint worked with the client to produce a clear, well-evidenced proposal, along with an execution plan to deliver their arguments to the right audiences in government and to build support and credibility across the wider political and policy arena. We supported them through the iterative process of engagement and negotiation, presenting evidence on the economic and commercial case, equipping them with advocacy materials and ensuring their work dynamically responded to changes in political priorities and personnel.
The client built substantial credibility and cross-party support for their proposal, and unlocked clear offers of support at local and national level.

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Our experts

Sir Simon Fraser

Sir Simon co-leads Flint and advises clients on policy, political and regulatory issues

Jon Sell

Jon supports clients across a range of sectors on technology, innovation, finance, clean growth and regional issues

Sam Lowe

Sam advises clients on UK and EU trade policy.

Josh Buckland

Josh leads Flint’s work supporting clients on energy, climate and sustainability issues

Adam Marshall

Adam advises clients on policy, reputation and business strategy issues in the UK and globally

James Diggle

James provides advice to clients with an interest in energy and climate issues

Rhys Davies

Rhys advises clients on UK political issues and policy analysis across a range of sectors

Megan Welby

Based in London, Megan advises a range of clients on political issues and policy analysis

Andrew Barlow

Andrew advises on policy and regulatory developments across a range of sectors, including tech, digital, energy and more

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A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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