Food, drink and farming

Flint helps food, drink and farming clients navigate the changing regulatory and policy landscape to achieve their commercial goals.

The food, drink and farming policy and regulatory environment is continuously evolving affecting businesses that operate in the UK, EU and beyond. Companies need to identify and mitigate potential risks and ensure they capitalise on opportunities in the developing nutritional and agricultural landscape. Using Flint’s wide ranging expertise and knowledge, we help our clients develop their commercial strategies and engage with government to influence the future direction of the sector for their benefit.

Flint’s approach

We focus on identifying and translating political, policy and regulatory developments into new business opportunities and commercially valuable advice for effective investor and business management.
Regulatory and government affairs
We help firms develop their strategic approach to government engagement and shape the UK and EU food, drink and farming policy agendas. We assist companies to create and structure their engagement plan and ensure they keep across relevant regulatory developments.
Advise on regulatory, policy and political risks
We work with firms to map their commercial exposure to political and regulatory changes in food, drink and farming such as environmental and obesity regulations. We identify risks to business operations and help develop mitigation strategies.
Insights and intelligence
Our food, drink and farming experts provide clients with timely and relevant analysis and insight, monitoring relevant political and policy developments across the UK and EU.
Solving market barriers
We help clients navigate and address regulatory barriers within the sector such as sustainability and obesity strategies, and key trade negotiations. We use our in-depth understanding of the UK and EU policymaking process for targeted policy interventions.

Case studies

Political and regulatory due diligence | Commercial risk analysis
Political and regulatory due diligence | Commercial risk analysis
A major importer of Chinese products asked Flint to assess their firm-specific exposure to a breakdown in political and economic relations between the EU/UK and China.
Worked with the client to understand their global business model and specific vulnerabilities to political, environmental and economic change.
Provided a full risk assessment for both the EU and UK markets, including case studies and RAG ratings.
Recommended actions the firm could take to increase their resilience and reduce their political and reputational exposure.
The client gained a clearer sense of its commercial exposure to a breakdown in EU/UK-China political and economic relations.
The client used Flint’s analysis to inform its political engagement strategy.
Our assessment informed strategic and operational decision-making within the company.
Strategic counsel and intelligence - Brexit and UK trade policy
Strategic counsel and intelligence - Brexit and UK trade policy
Ongoing advice and preparation for the impact of Brexit for a multinational drinks company. Helped the client understand the relevant risks to their operations and identify commercial opportunities during a politically challenging environment.
  • Deployed our senior UK and Brussels teams and network of Senior Advisers across Europe to identify specific key risks and opportunities for the company at the earliest possible stage in the process.
  • Provided regulatory, political and trade intelligence and advice on Brexit, including analysis notes, workshops and briefings with senior advisers.
  • Leveraged our networks to support the company’s engagement with UK and EU policymakers.
  • Improved the understanding of technical and operational issues for the client in the food and drink sector, helping them to prepare for likely outcomes.
  • Helped the firm design and implement successful policy interventions that materially improved its commercial position.
  • Identified new opportunities in emerging UK trade policy and helped create a compelling case for the company to present to HMG/DIT on priorities for the negotiations.

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Our experts

Ian Wright

Ian Wright is based in the UK and advises clients in the food and drink and consumer goods sectors.

Kathryn Watson

Kathryn advises clients on political and issues with a focus on trade, food, drink and farming.

Philip Rycroft

Philip advises clients on UK political and regulatory issues, particularly concerning Brexit.

Adam Marshall

Adam advises clients on policy, reputation and business strategy issues in the UK and globally.

Sam Lowe

Sam advises clients on UK and EU trade policy.

Matthew Hanney

Matthew leads Flint’s work advising clients on a range of policy and regulatory risks across a range of sectors.

Julia Quintella

Julia advises clients on EU policy and regulatory developments across a range of sectors.

Zach Burnside

Zach advises clients on EU political, policy and regulatory developments across a range of sectors.

Marie Lykke-Jensen

Marie advises clients on EU political issues and policy analysis across a range of sectors including digital and health.

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Case Study Title
A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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