Flint supports companies at the heart of the energy transition to navigate the rapidly changing policy and regulatory environment that impacts investment and commercial plans.

Our specialist team comes from the most senior levels of energy regulation and policy. We use our unique insight and understanding of how policy and regulation will evolve to advise generators, network companies, retailers, and investors on how to positively shape the policy debate and manage regulatory risk.

Flint’s approach

We support businesses to take a proactive approach to policy and regulatory engagement to shape the debate, manage risks and maximise commercial opportunities.
Shape public policy that delivers commercial upside
We support companies to develop evidenced-based policy proposals that help enable commercial strategies. We use our experience to shape arguments that resonate with decision makers, help steer government policy and regulatory reform programmes, and enable long-term investment and returns.
Engaging with the regulatory and political landscape
We use our deep knowledge and experience to develop impactful engagement strategies that deliver companies’ policy agendas. Understanding the complex network of decision makers means we are able to shape engagement programmes and maximise your impact.
Price control support
Regulatory price controls are complex processes that are influenced by political forces. We draw on our direct experience to assess how the political context will impact price control decisions and advise clients on how to adjust their strategies. We support throughout the process from shaping overall strategy, red team reviews and business plan development.
Access funding
We advise companies and investors seeking to originate, develop and finance complex projects that require new financing mechanisms or funding allocations from Government and wider public bodies to secure commercial advantage.

Our experts

Josh Buckland

Josh leads Flint’s work supporting clients on energy, climate and sustainability issues

Mark Caines

Mark provides expert advice on economic regulation and policy with a particular focus on infrastructure sectors

James Diggle

James provides advice to clients with an interest in energy and climate issues

James Kilmartin

James advises clients on regulatory and policy issues in a range of sectors, with a focus on the UK Labour Party

Giles Wilkes

Giles provides advice on UK political and policy matters

Jeremy Adams

Jeremy advises clients on energy and other regulatory issues

Ed Mills

Ed Mills advises clients on regulation, competition and economic issues, particularly in network industries

Rohan Sakhrani

Rohan supports clients on competition, regulation and policy issues across a number of sectors

Andrew Barlow

Andrew advises on policy and regulatory developments across a range of sectors, including tech, digital, energy and more

Kah Loon Tham

Kah Loon advises clients on competition, regulatory, and economic issues

Alex Goodwin

Alex is part of the MIA practice, working on issues relating to infrastructure, sustainability and the UK Labour Party

Tamim Kalaji

Tamim advises clients on competition and regulatory issues with a focus on financial services

Zoe Alipranti

Zoe advises clients on climate and sustainability issues, mainly in infrastructure and financial services

Adriana Capparelli

Adriana supports clients on policy and regulation in the digital, telecoms and media sector

Philip Wilson

Philip advises clients on politics and policy, particularly Northern Ireland, Brexit, geopolitics and devolution

Let’s discuss

We will be delighted to discuss how Flint could support you and tailor our services to help you deliver commercial success in this area.
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Case Study Title
A late change to an incoming prudential regime resulted in a client’s international operations being brought in scope, meaning the client would be required to hold significant additional capital. The client needed support to consider the options and make a decision about how best to mitigate the impact of this.
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