A recent decision to water down key climate targets has led to the collapse of the governing agreement between the SNP and the Scottish Greens that was struck in 2021. This leaves the SNP as a minority administration, posing significant challenges over what can be achieved in Parliament. It also raises questions on the future direction of policy, particularly on areas that are already politically challenging for the SNP, such as oil and gas. The travails facing the SNP bolster the Scottish Labour Party’s chances of making significant inroads in Scotland, making a Labour majority government ever more likely.

In this latest episode, Flint experts review how the current situation has evolved and what it all means for the business community both North and South of the border.

This podcast is chaired by Flint Partner, Josh Buckland previously a senior adviser in the UK government, and joined by Liz Lloyd, former Chief of Staff to Nicola Sturgeon and Sam White, former Chief of Staff to Keir Starmer.

As part of our coverage of the EU’s 2024 transition, our latest episode features Flint experts discussing energy priorities and challenges, in the context of the upcoming elections in the EU and the UK.  

The European single market withstood an unprecedented energy crisis after Russia invaded Ukraine. While some parts of the Green Deal have been accelerated, it has also faced a strong backlash. Europe’s industry is under pressure due to the worsening security, geopolitical and economic context. Many are wondering what the EU elections in June and the next mandate will mean for the sustainability and energy agenda. The key question will be how to adapt the EU industry to the EU’s decarbonisation objectives in a volatile geopolitical environment while preserving its competitiveness.  

In the UK, energy and climate policy remain a key political issue, something that is unlikely to change whatever the electoral outcome. Although the pace of the transition will come under further scrutiny, a potential Labour government would inject further momentum in the agenda, including on the wider sustainability side. 

To shed light on the key debates that will define the future policy and regulatory agenda on energy in the EU and the UK, Flint Manager Ivana Bartolac will host a discussion between Flint’s experts:   

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