Next week a new Government is expected to form in the most significant change of political leadership since 2010. This will, of course, have major implications for any business or investor in markets where there is a government interest. For many, it will mean a need to build new relationships and shift messaging. For some, it will mean new risks to manage, or new opportunities to grab.   

Our political experts explore what clients need to be prepared for after election day. Focusing on the practical, covering the likely choreography of the formation of a new government and its early steps, what messaging will get the best reception, and how to ensure these cut through with new ministers swamped with requests. 

The discussion is chaired by Flint Partner, Katie Waring, former Special Adviser to the Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey, and joined by former Labour minister Siôn Simon, former Permanent Secretary, Dame Sue Owen, and former Chief of Staff to the First Minister of Scotland, Liz Lloyd.

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