The conflict in Ukraine is becoming a war of attrition with no sign of an early settlement. How prepared are we for the consequences of a protracted conflict? The coming months will test Western resolve at home and abroad. Sanctions are starting to bite not just on Russia but on European economies and societies already facing daunting challenges. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East face destabilising food insecurity and even famine. Further afield, other countries see this as a European conflict and do not want to take sides. At the end of June, NATO leaders will meet in Madrid, while the BRICS will hold their own virtual summit. All this adds up to greater volatility and uncertainty in the geopolitical environment in which businesses and investors operate.

In this episode, Flint Managing Partner Sir Simon Fraser (Head of the UK Foreign Office 2010-2015) discusses with Specialist Partner Sir Julian King (UK EU Commissioner 2016-19), Senior Adviser, Ian Wright (former Chief Executive of the Food & Drink Federation), and François-Joseph Schichan (Former French diplomat) the latest developments in Ukraine, what to expect from the high-level summits at the end of June (NATO, G7, EU and BRICS) and the issue of food security and its economic and political implications.

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