After more than a month, has the Russian invasion reached a turning point? Russian ministers have promised to curtail the assault on Kyiv, but have focused attacks on eastern Ukraine and declined to ease the humanitarian crisis in Mariupol. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine seem to have made some progress, but Western governments remain deeply sceptical about Putin’s intentions.

This episode examines where things stand and how the next phase of the war could play out. The discussion is chaired by Sir Simon Fraser (Head of the UK Foreign Office 2010-2015), with Specialist Partner Sir Julian King (UK EU Commissioner 2016-19), Sam Lowe (Flint Director and trade specialist), and François-Joseph Schichan (Former French diplomat and head of the political section at the French Embassy, London).

The discussion focuses in particular on how recent developments affect the possible outcomes of the war and on the implementation and effects of the sanctions regime.

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