We enter 2022 amid great international uncertainty. Covid may be in retreat in the developed world, but not across the globe. High debt and inflation will make delivering on climate promises hard.

Serious political and military tension has flared between Russia and the West over Ukraine. The China/US standoff persists. America is divided and Biden may lose control on the Hill in the US midterms. Growth in China is slowing and control is tightening as Xi seeks his third term.

The EU is in transition, with a new German government and the French Presidential election ahead. The UK government is mired in political problems. Tensions persist between the EU and the UK.

Understanding the trends and risks matters a lot for businesses.

Flint Partner Kiran Horwich chairs a discussion between Flint Partner Flint Managing Partner Sir Simon Fraser (Head of the UK Foreign Office 2010-2015), Specialist Partner Sir Julian King (UK EU Commissioner 2016-19 and former Ambassador to France), and Director Francois-Joseph Schichan (former French diplomat).

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