The political and constitutional noise in Scotland is dialling up – legal disputes, shifting political polls and fragile, but competing economic plans between Westminster and Holyrood, are all set to trigger yet more uncertainty around one of the biggest political issues facing the UK.

Following the SNP’s annual conference over the weekend, attention this week will turn to the Supreme Court in London, as the Justices consider whether it is lawful for the Scottish Government to hold a second independence referendum. At the same time, the Scottish Government is set to issue fresh proposals on its economic plans for an independent Scotland. All of this comes against the backdrop in recent polls of Conservative weakness and a potential resurgence of Labour in Scotland.

In this episode, our experts examine the latest developments, consider the future of the Union and the response from Westminster, and discuss what this all means for the business community. Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft (lead official on devolution and constitution issues in the UK government 2012 - 2019) chairs a discussion and provides his perspective on the latest developments, alongside 56˚ North Partners Fiona Stanton (former senior Scottish Labour director) and Anthony Thompson (Scottish public affairs specialist and led FTSE-100 handling of 2014 Scottish referendum).

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