Internship and work experience at Flint

We offer internships and work experience which provide practical experience for individuals with an interest and/or background in policy, politics, competition and regulation. 

Types of Placement


During our Consultant-Track programme, you will work closely with our experienced consultants. If you meet our performance expectations, you will be considered for an offer of employment to become a full-time consultant at the end of your internship. 

Learning and Development

This programme is designed for individuals whose careers we believe would benefit from the experience. The primary purpose of the internship is for the individual to learn, develop and gain experience.

Work Experience

This programme is designed for individuals who are not yet ready for the world of full-time work but who are interested in, and would benefit from, a brief exposure to working life.

The Internship Schemes

The Work Experience Scheme

Application Process

Please submit your CV and cover letter stating why you would like to work at Flint.  There will be an interview via video call which will be an opportunity to discuss and showcase your strengths, as well as to find out more about us.

We can only accept applications from those who have the right to work in the United Kingdom at the current time.  

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2022. 


"Working part-time has allowed me to do my other important job, being a parent. I have found Flint supportive, flexible, and understanding of the challenges of raising young children especially during lockdown. I was able to flex my hours around my childcare commitments."


Head of Marketing

"I’ve worked in a lot of different organisations and environments, in London, in Brussels and elsewhere: Flint works. You manage to integrate really effectively a diverse group of people, from different backgrounds, with different experience, from different countries. Getting the best out of working together. And, as Covid constraints gradually lift, we might even be able to get together in the same place."


Senior Adviser

"Like many others at Flint, I juggle a full time job with the challenges of raising small children. I feel very lucky to work somewhere where people respect and understand those challenges. I am able to work flexibly and make my own choices about how to get everything done, including home-schooling during lockdown. Ideally the kids would appear on fewer of my Zoom calls, but perhaps there it’s best to blame the parents."



"Working at Flint has been an intellectually stimulating experience - it has allowed me to constantly learn, develop expertise in a number of sectors, and grapple with policy issues that policymakers around the world will be seeking to address in the next decades"



"Working at Flint has given me the opportunity to work across a range of sectors and industries. Flint provides a great environment to develop, learn and grow professionally."



Frequently Asked Questions

8-12 weeks, with an opportunity

Internships are paid, however work experience is not

Yes, we offer flexibility.

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