Flint’s Jennifer Umali won the runner up prize for the Award of Outstanding Achievement

Jennifer Umali

Many congratulations to Flint’s Jennifer Umali who won the runner-up prize for the Award of Outstanding Achievement at the Miss Jones Business Support Awards 2022.  A real testament to all the hard work she does at Flint to support the day-to-day running of the business.


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Thomas Matussek

Thomas Matussek – on BBC business

“In the long term, Germany would need to get its energy from #renewables, wind, solar and hydrogen – we can do it, but it will be extremely costly.” Flint senior adviser, Thomas Matussek discussing German energy policy on @BBCWorldBiz report [18.43]

7 September 2022

Mary Starks on BBC Radio 4

Flint Partner Mary Starks on BBC Radio 4 discussing the energy crisis.

1 September 2022

Tim Pitt quoted in the weekend’s Financial Times

Flint Partner, Tim Pitt was quoted in this weekend’s Financial Times on the uphill battle the new Chancellor will face to keep the public finances on a sustainable path

14 August 2022

Tim Pitt’s FT article

Tim has written for the Financial Times on why the next Prime Minister needs to look beyond Margaret Thatcher and draw on a much broader history of Conservative economic thought as they look to tackle the challenges ahead – and that while pursuing higher growth is essential, using it as an excuse to duck difficult choices elsewhere would be deeply un-Conservative

6 August 2022