Celebrating 5 years of Flint Europe: taking stock and looking forward

Celebrating 5 years of Flint Europe: taking stock and looking forward

This month Flint is celebrating an important milestone - the fifth anniversary of Flint Europe and our Brussels office. It is a good moment to update you on recent developments and on our future plans for Flint’s work in Brussels and across a growing number of EU countries and services. 

The Brussels office, which Gregor Kreuzhuber set up as a one-man show back in 2018, has now grown into a multinational team of over 25 people, including 4 partners, advising businesses on EU policy, politics, regulation and transaction clearance. We continue to invest in developing new areas and services to match our client’s needs and the changing issues of our time, from geopolitics to industrial policy and healthcare.    

Beyond Brussels, our European footprint is growing fast. Last year we established a successful office in Paris, headed by Anne-Juliette Rohrbach. She is supported by 3 local consultants and draws on our extensive French team across Brussels and London. Our office in Dublin, headed by Liam Cullen, has been up and running since January. We are establishing a bigger presence in the Netherlands, which will be run by Marie-Louise Leijh-Smit under the guidance of Chris Fonteijn. We are also actively building our team in Germany. From Spain to Denmark and from Poland to Portugal, our network of senior advisers, who have experience at high levels of government, business and regulation, provides us with unique insights into national politics and policies and how they influence the EU and wider international agenda. You can find them all here.  

With just a year to go until the 2024 European elections, we are focused on helping clients to navigate a fast-moving political environment and to understand and shape the EU institutions’ future agenda. Crucial decisions lie ahead on a broad range of issues ranging from Ukraine and European defence, industrial policy and the future of the Green Deal, the EU’s relations with the US and China or tech regulation, from AI to global digital mergers. To this end, we will introduce new products and services over the coming months.

Because geopolitics and economics remain so closely interconnected, the Flint Europe team will continue to work in closely with colleagues in London and in our recently established Asia Pacific office led by Mark Austen.

As we mark these achievements and look to the future with renewed ambition, we are conscious that none of this would be possible without our clients and we thank them all for their support and confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: brussels@flint-global.com; with any questions or requirements on which we can help.

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