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François-Joseph Schichan on Sky News

Director François-Joseph spoke to Sky News about the political situation in France after the European elections and President Macron's decision to call a snap general election in France.
12 Jun, 2024

Sam Lowe writes for the FT

The all-American cheat sheet to Europe’s trade weak spots
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29 May, 2024

Director François-Joseph Schichan quoted in Les Echos

François-Joseph is quoted UK upcoming general election and what it means for Franco-British relation.
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29 May, 2024

Sam Lowe writes a piece for the FT

Partner Sam Lowe looks at US and EU plans to scrap the de minimis tariff thresholds for low-value consignments.
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29 Apr, 2024

Andy King writes for Economics Observatory

Specialist Partner Andy King reflects on what fiscal rules are and how they have worked in the UK in his guest piece for Economics Observatory
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17 Apr, 2024

Sam Lowe quoted in the FT

"The exclusive benefit for UK exporters to the EU would be the removal of rules of origin requirements" told Partner Sam Lowe to the FT
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12 Apr, 2024

Simon Fraser quoted in the Financial Times

“David Cameron has given a more distinctive voice to British foreign policy” Flint Global managing partner Simon Fraser tells Lucy Fisher
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09 Apr, 2024

Simon Fraser on Times Radio

Managing Partner Simon Fraser reflected on the 6 months of conflict in Gaza. Listen in full here from minute 59:28
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09 Apr, 2024

Andy King writes for the Institute for Government

Specialist Partner Andy King has written for the Institute for Government on the lack of post-election plans for public services, and how the OBR could go some way to filling that information gap given the Government’s reluctance to say more about what its plans would involve.
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29 Feb, 2024

Sam Lowe quoted in The Guardian

“While the UK government and industry are currently publicly reluctant to replicate the EU measures, this will probably change once China-originating cars originally destined for the EU turn up in observable quantities on British driveways” 
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14 Feb, 2024

Sam Lowe quoted in The Times

Partner Sam Lowe told The Times, “Over time, the risk grows that maybe more nefarious elements in the EU food-production system know there are not any inspections of the UK’s border, and that it would be much harder for the UK authorities to hold them accountable [relative to when the UK was an EU member]. […]
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30 Jan, 2024

Andy King quoted in the FT

Specialist Partner Andy King spoke to the Financial Times about how the Government’s efforts to boost economic growth are captured in Budget forecasts.
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25 Jan, 2024
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