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Flint-Global Patchwork launch

Flint supports the Patchwork Foundation’s 2020 Masterclass Programme

20 July 2020
We are delighted to announce Flint’s support for the Patchwork Foundation’s 10-month 2020 Masterclass programme.
Nigel Gardner

Nigel Gardner in The Times

15 July 2020
…In the fog of Trump pronouncements on everything from disinfectant to the Bible, this time the unpredictable US president may actually have actually got it right. Far saner critics have almost equally little confidence in the WHO.
Tim Pitt on Sky News

Tim Pitt on Sky News

30 June 2020
Flint Partner Tim Pitt discussed the Prime Minister’s speech on economic recovery.
Sir Simon Fraser on Sky News

Sir Simon Fraser on Sky News

29 June 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser discussed the resumption of Brexit talks as well as the appointment of David Frist as National Security advisor