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Philip Rycroft

Philip Rycroft on BBC Radio 4

14 November 2020
Flint Specialist Partner Philip Rycroft provides his views on why a Brexit deal – although relatively thin- is better than a no deal. He argues that with a no deal, sectors like agri-good and automotive would be hit be high tariffs, and the EU would have little incentive to put in place easements to help manage the new trade border from 1 January. He adds that such a scenario would make it harder to get deals on other aspects of the relationship like internal security. A no deal Brexit would also further destablise the Union.
Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser quoted in the New York Times

8 November 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser was quoted in the New York Times on Biden’s victory. “I’m feeling optimistic.. I’m not expecting a radical change in American foreign policy, but I do expect a change in body language and tone, and a shift away from unilateralism to collaboration with allies.”
US and UK flags blowing in the wind

What would a Biden administration mean for UK foreign policy?

27 October 2020
Ahead of the US Presidential Election on 3 November, Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser considers what a Biden victory would mean for UK foreign policy. Click below to read his blog.
Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser quoted in the Financial Times

25 October 2020
Flint Managing Partner Simon Fraser told the Financial Times that if Joe Biden wins, the UK Government will try to re-engage America more enthusiastically in the NATO alliance and “look for ways to get America re-engaged in multilateralism, for example in support for international institutions such as the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.”